Top Mind blog posts of 2016

In what has been an historic year for mental health, our blog has never been more popular. Over 700,000 of you visited our 'Your Stories' section to read the 134 blogs we posted there by people living with mental health problems (and a few from us).

Below we have listed the ten most read blogs posted in 2016.

Thank you to everyone who wrote and read any of our blogs this year, and we wish you all a good 2017!

No.10 Being diagnosed with Bipolar

by Lee

For World Bipolar Day this year, Lee blogged on being diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 40.

I'd been suffering with bipolar quietly for years without knowing it and suddenly it had a name.

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Clare _landing with border

No 9. Managing mental health in a relationship

By Clare

Relationships are hard enough, but when one or both of you have a mental health problem, things can be even more difficult. 

Clare, who has also blogged for us on mindfulness and exercise wrote our ninth most popular blog this year on how her and her husband manage their mental health together. 

It's common to feel as though relationships should flow wonderfully and if they don’t then there’s something wrong. But I don’t think that’s true.

> Read Clare's 6 tips for managing mental health in a relationship and share your own in the comments.

No 8. It's okay to ask for help

by Steven

This year we've seen a huge rise in awareness of men's mental health thanks to campaigns by, among others, CALM and Movember.

In keeping with this trend, Men's Health Week, which in the past has focused on healthy eating and work, this year focused on stress.

Steven wrote the eighth most popular blog this for Men's Health Week, encouraging men like him to ask for help when they need it.

Opening up when we’re struggling can be the hardest thing, but if we have problems, we need to share them.

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No 7. My experience of bipolar disorder and being sectioned

by Jonny

The first part of this series of two, is our seventh most popular blog this year.

Jonny writes about being sectioned, the role music plays in his recovery and why he is fundraising for Mind.

I played the cello quite a lot in hospital and have done on the other three occasions that I have been admitted. Music has always been curative for me, an escape from my own head...

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No 6. How I overcame loneliness

by Joanna

Loneliness can be one of the most difficult parts of living with a mental health problem, whether it's a cause or symptom. This is why we re-vamped our info on loneliness this year, and sought 2 new blogs to go alongside it.

We are glad we did as you clearly found them helpful. They are at number 5 and 6 in our chart this year.

For me, being lonely has been one of the hardest things about my diagnoses that I have had to deal with.

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Michelle With Border

No 5. Loneliness and anorexia

by Michelle

When Michelle started experiencing anorexia while at Uni, it became really hard for her to make friends, or maintain relationships she'd had before.

Along with Joanna, she blogged for us on how mental health and loneliness can go hand in hand.

Mental illness is never an isolated problem. It can affect all areas of your life.

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No 4. Choose not to fuel stigma this Hallowe'en

by Nicole

It's becoming increasingly unacceptable to make a joke of mental health at halloween. If you don't know about it already, take a look at the groundbreaking #MentalPatient hashtag started by the online mental health community back in 2013.

In October, Nicole blogged on how seeing the 'Anna-Rexia' costume this year affected her personally.

It felt like that dress was taking all seriousness away from the illness, an illness that kills and puts so many people through what feels like a lifetime of torture...

> Read Nicole's blog and get involved with the discussion

 Stephanie With Border 

No 3. My symptoms of bipolar and being diagnosed

by Steph

Our third most read blog this year was one of 3 in the chart about bipolar.

Steph wrote for us this October on how it feels to be manic and how medication has played an important role in her recovery. 

I’m not keen on taking two tablets every day, but if it means I will be able to live my life to the full and enjoy it, I will.

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No 2. Depression at work: How animals would cope

by Emily

Sometimes looking at something in a different light can provide real insight. We think this, along with the really simple techniques she has developed, might be the secret to the success of Emily's blog about coping with depression at work.

Despite hundreds of articles ...I couldn't find any practical steps to beat my monster because writers referred to abstract concepts and techniques.

> Read Emily's blog here and join the conversation in the comments


Leah -with Border 

No 1. Being diagnosed with BPD

by Leah

Borderline personality disorder (also called Emotionally unstable personality disorder) is one of the most misunderstood mental health diagnoses.

Unfortunately there is a huge amount of stigma surrounding it not just amongst the general public but mental health professionals too.

So it's so heartening to see Leah's blog at the top of our chart this year.

If I had the option to get rid of my borderline I would not. It is difficult, distressing, exhausting and draining but it is who I am. I am learning day by day, sometimes even hour by hour, to be ok with that.

 > Read Leah's blog and join the conversation in the comments

What do you think?

So there you have it. Your favourite blogs of 2016. What do you think? If you follow the Mind blog, did we miss anything?

Tell us on Twitter, or on Facebook. And if your new years resolution was to write more or to spread awareness don't forget you can submit your own idea for a blog or vlog here

Maybe next year you'll see your name on this list!  

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