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Could you share a quote about your experience?

We want everyone who reads our booklets and webpages to understand that many of us share similar struggles.  

One way we try to do this is by including quotes from real people, in your own words. Quotes can also, sometimes, get across emotions and experiences that plain information can’t. You might have seen quotes includes in our publications before. They look like this:

"Just knowing that at least one other person out there has felt like this too helps me feel less alone."

We are really keen to hear from people with diverse backgrounds, including BAME, LGBTIQ+, disability or faith, in particular around how your lived experience interacts with your diverse background.

If you would like to share a brief personal quote or two describing your own experiences, we might be able to include it in our publications.

What do I need to know?

  • All quotes we publish are always anonymous. That means that we won't include your name or any details that people could use to identify you personally.
  • Please try to keep your quotes short - fewer than 50 words if possible.
  • When telling us your experiences please say 'I' and 'me' (not 'you' or 'they').  It's more helpful to read about personal feelings and experiences, rather than a general statement about others.
  • We will sometimes need to edit your quotes for spelling and grammar, or cut them down slightly to make them shorter. Apart from this, we won’t make any changes to your words.
  • We might not publish all the quotes we receive. And we can't respond to you personally to let you know if we are able to use it. But we do read and learn from everything you share with us - so even if we don't publish your quote, it will still help us to develop our information.

Please note: by submitting a quote through this form, you are giving consent for us to use include your words anonymously in our web pages and printed booklets. We might also use your words when we promote our information, such as sharing it on social media. If you do not want us to use your words like this, please let us know when you submit the form.

Please consider your wellbeing

You might find that reading or writing about your own experiences can be triggering - especially if you're feeling unwell.

If you choose to share a quote, please think carefully beforehand about how you'll look after your own wellbeing, and make sure you have appropriate support in place. You might find it helpful to look at our information on staying mentally well.

How do I submit a quote?

We are not currently gathering new quotes but do check in here from time to time.

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