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Apply for one of our reviewing opportunities if you'd like to use your experience of mental health problems to help us improve our information. 

Help us to improve our information on therapy

We’re looking to improve our information on therapy and counselling. We want to hear from people who are currently trying to access therapy, or in the process of having therapy. We’re hoping that what we learn from you will help to make our information better.

If you’re chosen to take part, you’ll have a session on Zoom, Teams or Google Meet with one of the project team members from our design agency. It’ll last around an hour, and you’ll be paid £25 for your time. During the session, we'll ask you to complete a couple of tasks using information on our website. 

This opportunity is now closed. But please keep checking back on this page for more opportunities to help us with our information.

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Review our information

To make sure all of our 100+ information resources reflect real life and are genuinely helpful for people, each one is reviewed by people with personal or professional experience of the topic before they are published.

Could you help us by being one of them?

Reviewers who are selected and who complete the review before the agreed deadline will be paid £25.


Send us a quote 

You might have noticed anonymous quotes around our website. These are always from real people, who have shared their real experiences of mental health problems with us. Visitors to our site often tell us that reading these quotes helps them feel less alone with whatever they're going through themselves.

“My hope is that it may help someone somewhere to understand their situation, or help them to deal with what is happening to them.”

Could you help us by sharing an anonymous comment about your personal experiences for our website?

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