Mind's position on ADHD

We know that there are different views about the classification of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and that this can include whether or not it should be described as a mental health problem.

We feel that, while ADHD has some symptoms in common with mental health problems, it is not appropriate for Mind, nationally, to provide detailed information on it. Our position is the same for health problems often categorised as developmental disorders, such as autism, and neurodegenerative disorders, such as dementia. Any information we wrote on ADHD would be likely to replicate other, more specialist, information provided by other organisations.

This is something Mind has considered carefully and we believe it is an area which other organisations are in a better position to lead on, as they provide excellent support and have greater expertise. For example ADHD Foundation, UKAAN or ADDISS.

At national Mind, we only include information we’ve written in our A-Z of mental health (with the exception of some pages signposting to other organisations). Local Minds, who are independent of the national organisation, may in some cases choose to offer more and they can be contacted individually. All will continue to provide support to people who experience mental health problems caused by, or alongside, ADHD or other disorders.

We of course know that having ADHD can lead people to experience mental health problems like depression, anxiety and stress and we hope that people will still find our information on those topics useful.

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