Information for parents

This information is for parents or guardians who are supporting a young person.

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Coping with parents' evening

Naomi blogs about living with a mental health problem while coping with some of the challenges of parenthood.

Posted on 14/04/2015

This information is for you if you're a parent, carer or guardian for a young person. You might be:

  • worried about a young person's mental health
  • supporting a young person who's living with a mental health problem
  • looking for support for yourself.

Supporting a young person

Being a parent of a young person who seems to be struggling can be really worrying, and you might be feeling overwhelmed or unsure what you should do. But you're not alone, and there are places both you and your child can turn to for help.

We're still developing our information for parents, but you'll find ideas of help that's available in our Useful contacts section.

You can also look at our information for children and young people, which could help you talk to your child about how they canĀ understand their feelings, find support or visit their doctor.

Looking after yourself

Supporting someone else can be tough and stressful. It's important to look after yourself too.

Our information on supporting someone else and helping someone else seek help will give you ideas of how to look after yourself.

If you have a mental health problem, our guide to parenting with a mental health problem will give you some ideas of how to look after yourself and find support if you and your family need it.

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