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Could you be an expert by experience?

Are you LGBTIQ+ with experience of mental health problems? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

Tell us your story

We are running a workshop on Friday 11th January (11.30-2.30) at our London office in Stratford which will invite a small group of LGBTIQ+ people with experience of mental health problems to discuss with us how their LGBTIQ+ identity intersects with their experiences of mental ill health. We will be looking at how we can make sure that our information and the language we use is relevant to LGBTIQ+ people.

If you would like to help, please consider joining our workshop to share a bit of your story and hear others sharing theirs.

We'll give you £50 to say thanks and we'll pay for your travel expenses.

The deadline for applications is Monday 17th December at 9am.

You can find out more info below, including:

"Telling your story isn't easy, but for me the whole experience proved to be positive, uplifting and above all cathartic."

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How to apply

You need to apply by Monday 17th December at 9am. We’ll let you know within a week of the closing date if you've been selected.

Any personal information you give us will be used solely for the purpose of selecting an expert by experience. All applications will be held securely by Mind and safely deleted within 2 months of the closing deadline. We will only share your information with other teams within Mind if you have given us permission.

If you have any questions, you can email [email protected]

What are Expert by Experience workshops?

Every 3 months, we run an Expert by Experience workshop at our offices in Stratford, each time focussing on a different topic on which we are creating or updating some information.

These sessions are a chance for a small group of Mind staff to hear about a particular mental health topic from the perspective of people who have experienced that mental health problem, treatment or situation. They are one of the various ways that we ensure that the voice of people with lived experience of mental health problems is at the centre of our work.

What's involved?

  • The sessions take the format of an informal discussion group. Usually we recruit two or three people with lived experience for each workshop and we have a maximum of ten Mind staff attend.
  • We ask that you each share a bit about your experiences and then open the discussion out so that people can ask questions and share experiences.
  • We'll share the questions with you in advance and give you a chance to feed in if you have suggestions for any questions that you think would be useful.
  • Everyone listening will be really welcoming and you don’t have to talk or answer questions about anything you don’t want to.
  • We'll also aim to provide any support or reasonable adjustments that you need in order to take part.

What skills and experience do I need?

To take part in the training, we've identified some skills that would be really useful:

  • Personal experience of the topic being discusssed
  • Confidence talking to a group of people
  • Ability to be open and honest about your experiences
  • Ability to talk about your experiences in a way that feels safe to you
  • Willingness to answer some questions
  • Good timekeeping
  • Ability to give feedback on the experience

When you fill out the application form, you can tell us how you meet this description. You may want to keep a copy of this page open so you can look at it when filling out the application form.

You must be over 18 to apply.

We welcome applications from a diverse range of people, and are happy to talk about support we can offer to help you participate.

"Although, admittedly, a little scary at first I was soon put at ease by the genuine warmth, compassion and willingness to understand by those I addressed. I feel proud that I have been able to give a little back in return for all the help and support I have received over the years."

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