An introduction to ecotherapy, a range of nature-based programmes that can support your wellbeing. Includes guidance on finding ecotherapy programmes near you, and how you can do it by yourself.

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Ecotherapy saved my life

Posted on 19/11/2013

What's available near me?

We've produced an online directory of organisations across England and Wales, including local Minds, that run local ecotherapy programmes: click here to search our ecotherapy directory to find ecotherapy near you.

You can also try searching the websites of specific organisations that provide ecotherapy programmes, such as:

Lots of these websites include maps or databases so you can see where the nearest programmes are to you.

I saw a leaflet [at my local Mind] asking for volunteers – it took me a while to get up the courage but I was so glad when I did.

What if there isn't an ecotherapy programme near me?

If there isn't an ecotherapy project running anywhere near you:

  • It might be worth asking your local Mind if they would consider starting one – you can find details of your nearest local Mind on our website here.
  • You might be able to find other kinds of outdoor volunteering opportunities through the Do-it website.
  • You can also consider doing ecotherapy informally by yourself (see our page on doing ecotherapy by yourself for more information).

This information was published in October 2015. We will revise it in 2018.


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