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Writing, drawing and getting creative are great ways to relax and help manage your mental health. We love to receive art from our members. You can send your work to our membership team via email to: [email protected].

Our members' artwork has appeared in the membership magazine, on Mind calendars, on bookmarks and even on thank-you cards to our donors.*

Emily Paine (Instagram: @creativelycomplicated)

"Art is my escape, it always has been. I’m diagnosed with OCPD, OCD, GAD and social phobia. I started drawing and being creative from a young age. I’m now 25 and I continue to use art as a therapy; to escape my brain for a little while. I’m a self-taught zentangle artist. I draw, then paint my art and use acrylic paint pens to add the detail. Zentangle is extremely therapeutic and the patterns just appear when I start drawing. I love coming up with new patterns, it’s an expression of who I am; creative and complicated!"

Clare Angell

Julia Williment

Andy Hollinghurst

Stephen Brough

Natalie Spencer

*We will always get signed consent from you before we publish your artwork.

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