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Meet the photography competition judges

We introduce the panel of judges who will be deciding the overall winner and two runners-up for our membership photography competition. Discover a little more about each of them and their top photography tip. 

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Paul Williams, wildlife photographer

Paul was born in the Lake District where he developed his love for all things outdoors. He's an ex-soldier, mental health specialist and police officer with a passion for fitness, photography and campaigning for better mental health services. In 2010, serving as a police officer, he developed PTSD. Paul credits becoming a wildlife photographer with much of his improved wellbeing.

He's now a successful author and professional photographer who's been featured on Countryfile, BBC news, Radio 5 Live and Radio 4. He's recently been part of The Great British Photography Challenge on the BBC. 

Top tip: Be in the moment you are taking a shot of and become immersed in what you are doing rather than half-heartedly capturing an image you’ve not given much thought to. It will show through in your photograph and give the viewer a sense of your commitment to not only the process, but the fact you want them to feel something when they look at it.

Martin Usborne, fine art photographer

Martin Usborne is a fine art photographer with work in galleries around the world who has published a number of books, many inspired by his own experience of depression and anxiety. He is also the co-founder and creative direction of Hoxton Mini Press, a publisher of photography books. He lives in London with his wife, two daughters and two dogs who keep his mind active and the other black dog at bay.

Top tip: Shoot from your heart, not just your eye. Many people can take a technically polished picture. No one can see things exactly how you see it. But how you see it comes from who you really are, your deepest fears and hopes and not just from your passing glance.

Rachel, Mind member

Rachel joined Mind’s membership community last year. She has her own lived experience of mental health problems and lives with a disability. Rachel was inspired to become a member to help make a difference for others in a similar situation by sharing her own experiences, to campaign for better mental health services and raise awareness. She has a passion for photography and is really excited about being part of the judging panel. She particularly enjoys taking photos of her grandson and dog, and the beautiful scenery in the Welsh valleys where she lives. As well as photography, Rachel enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends.

Top tip: Take a photo that really captures your personality and don’t be afraid to try something different.

Hameed Khan, Mental Health Advocacy Manager and Mind Equality Improvement Consultant

Hameed Khan is a carer and community mental health activist with his own lived experience of mental health problems. He has worked in health and social care for over 15 years as a Mental Health Advocacy Manager and is also a qualified teacher. He is an avid photographer, passionate about capturing people’s emotions in photographs.

Top tip: Try to capture an image with a message or purpose.

Trevor Collom, Direct Marketing Officer at Mind

Trev has worked at Mind in the Fundraising Individual Giving Team since January 2019, and he manages Mind’s cash appeals and fundraising stewardship programme, which includes the Mind calendar. Outside of Mind, Trev is a keen cyclist, astronomer and loves walking and camping with his children. He has also been a keen photographer for a few years, but does not describe himself as an expert by any means!

Top tip: Don’t always look at the bigger picture. Sometimes looking at seemingly insignificant objects and landscapes can produce spectacular images. Oh, and have fun!

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