Sandra's story

I have had depression all my life but in 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I battled hard to beat the disease and finally received the all-clear. But my mental health was greatly affected by the whole ordeal and my depression reached new depths. I found it impossible to cope.

Some people dealt with my cancer better than my depression

Cancer was an illness that my friends and family could understand and they were a great support to me throughout my battle. My depression on the other hand was much more difficult for them to understand and follow.

I ended up thinking that people either didn’t care or couldn’t deal with me being so down. But I didn’t have the fight left in me to pretend I was happy when I quite clearly wasn’t. I felt very lonely.

Mind helped me to cope

It was then, when I was feeling lonely and in need of support, that Mind was there for me. I didn’t know it at the time but Mind receives literally hundreds of calls everyday to their Infoline from people like me. People who may not be in a crisis but just like me feel unable to cope and in need of support and somewhere to turn to.

Mind gave me my life back. I just cannot say thank you enough.

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