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Terms and conditions – Mind's Stadium Stair Climb at Stamford Bridge 

Mind Stadium Stair Climb, 7 October 2023

These are the terms and conditions that will govern an individual’s (a “participant”, “you” and “your”) participation in the Mind’s Stadium Stair Climb (the “event”).

It will, together with the online registration form, the online confirmation (each as defined below) and any other terms and conditions referred to here (together the “terms and conditions”), form the contract between you and Mind (“Mind”, “we”, “us” and “our”).

You acknowledge and agree that:

  • (i) Mind has appointed Threshold Sports Ltd (“Threshold”) to act as its service provider with respect to the organisation and staging of the event
  • And (ii) Threshold is fully authorised and entitled to act on behalf of Mind, including to enforce these terms and conditions and any and all of Mind’s rights in such regard and to provide approvals, notices, consents and agreements on Mind’s behalf.

You acknowledge and agree that Mind and Threshold are fully responsible for all aspects of the event.

You agree that any claims, disputes or recourse you may have arising out of or in connection with the event will be directed at and brought against Mind and/or Threshold and not Chelsea FC Holdings Limited or any of its affiliated entities (“Chelsea FC”).

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Chelsea FC excludes any liability in respect of your participation in the event.

You should read the terms and conditions carefully before submitting an application to participate in the event.


1.1 The event takes place at Stamford Bridge stadium and consists of a stair climbing route for a 90-minute time slot.

1.1. You may only register to participate in the event if you are aged 18 years or over (at the event date). You must adhere at all times to these terms and conditions.

1.2. We cannot accept bookings from, nor attendance by, any person who may reasonably be considered a risk to the safety or welfare of any other event attendee, or who may affect the enjoyment of other event participants, spectators or other individuals and/or the running of the event, or, in the opinion of Mind or Threshold, may cause offence, damage, nuisance or injury.

It is your responsibility to inform Mind if you are of a character that may fall within the terms of this Clause or you are a character who has exhibited behaviour that would not be deemed appropriate for an event of this nature.

1.3. You must pay the registration fee (the “Registration Fee”) and submit a completed online registration form (“Online Registration Form”) to participate in the event.

1.4. If you have successfully registered, you will be notified by way of an email confirmation from Mind that you have been allocated a place to take part in the event (“Online Confirmation”).

1.5. Places for the event are strictly limited and your application is subject to availability. We will consider all applications from eligible participants on a ‘first come, first served’ basis (which we shall determine in our absolute discretion) and otherwise in accordance with these terms and conditions.

1.6. Your registration date will be deemed to be the date on which you receive an Online Confirmation. Mind is not responsible for technical, hardware or software failures, lost or unavailable network connections, or failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer/Internet transmissions or other errors or malfunctions of any kind which may prevent receipt by Mind of your Online Registration Form or receipt by you of an Online Confirmation.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you do not receive an Online Confirmation, you will not be entitled to participate in the event and Mind shall not be responsible for your failed application.

1.7. Your Online Registration Forms must be received by Mind on or before midnight on Friday 22 September 2023 (“entry deadline”). Any Online Registration received by Mind after the entry deadline will not be accepted.

This deadline is subject to change if the event entries are full prior to the above date. Mind reserves the right to close, disable or remove from its website the Online Registration Form at any time and to change the event Deadline.

1.8. Your event registration is personal to you and you agree not to authorise or permit any third party to use your event registration unless in accordance with Clause 2.5.

1.9. If at any time it is discovered that you are ineligible to participate in the event or should otherwise be refused entry, Mind reserves the right to disqualify you from participating in the event.

Further, Mind reserve the right to reject at any time any Online Registration Form which they believe to be fraudulent, or to disqualify you at any time from participating in the event if they believe you have not fully complied with these Terms and Conditions.

Neither Mind nor Threshold shall be liable in any way to you as a result of any such disqualification or refusal. It is your sole responsibility to ensure full compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

1.10. If you're refused entry to the event or Mind or Threshold need you to cease participation in the event, you must accept this decision and cease participation immediately.

Cancellation and participant transfer options

2.1. The Registration Fee is payable immediately on submission of the Online Registration Form. If payment is rejected or not cleared for whatever reason, Mind reserves the right to refuse registration and entry into the event.

2.2. The Registration Fee is non-refundable, except where the event is cancelled or postponed.

2.3. If you intend to cancel your place in the event, you must inform Mind in writing as soon as reasonably practicable. In doing so, you agree that:

  • Any requests and/or resulting arrangements for Mind to return any fundraising to individual donors must be communicated to Mind by emailing [email protected]; and
  • Neither Threshold nor Mind are responsible for the losses or costs incurred from the cancellation of a place and exclude and limit all such liability.

2.4. You may transfer your event entry to another individual (a “Participant Transfer”), provided this takes place at least 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Notice of a Participant Transfer must be communicated by you by emailing [email protected] stating clearly the desire to make a Participant Transfer and including the full name and email address of the new participant (“Incoming Participant”).

2.5. After the request for a Participant Transfer has been received, Mind will:

  • (i) send the Incoming Participant a web link to register participation in the event
  • (ii) and cancel your registration. Your payment of the Registration Fee is non-refundable (as set out in Clause 2.2) and, as such, it will be a matter for you and the Incoming Participant to agree privately how that cost should be shared between you.

2.6. After the request for event Transfer has been received by Mind, we will send an email confirming the event transfer.

2.7. It is your sole responsibility to make Mind aware of any changes to the information you submit on the Online Registration Form. Failure to do so may impact some of the services made available to you at the event.

If you wish to make any such changes, you should email [email protected]. Changes include but are not limited to:

  • Parking arrangements
  • Medical information
  • Dietary requests
  • Start waves (which are subject to availability and a reasonable request period).

Stadium Stair Climb event

3.1. Subject to Clause 3.3 below, the event will be held on the date listed here.

3.2. The event is a 90-minute stair climbing challenge at Stamford Bridge. The organisers reserve the right to refuse attendance at, or participation in, the event if you are found to run in walking-only zones. These zones are for your safety and the safety of other participants.

3.3. Mind may need, and we reserve the right at our discretion, to change the time, date, route and/or format of the event and to cancel or postpone the event, in whole or in part, due to circumstances beyond our or Threshold’s reasonable control (including, for example, extreme weather conditions, fire, flood, strike, riot, civil disturbance, epidemic, outbreak of disease, natural disasters and death of a monarch).

If Mind cancels the event in such circumstances, you will have the option to receive a full refund of the Registration Fee or to elect to transfer to a rescheduled event (where available) an “event transfer”.

Mind shall inform you by email of any such change, postponement or cancellation and provide details about how a Registration Fee refund or an event Transfer can be arranged.

You will not be entitled to claim any other expenses or costs you incur in relation to the event, including but not limited to travel or accommodation costs.

3.4. Mind and/or Threshold reserve the right at their discretion to remove you from the event, either during or before it, due to ill health, or any other reason, including if you are deemed incapable of safely completing the event or unable to participate in a manner which fully complies with any applicable medical or safety instructions, protocols or guidelines and/or the terms and conditions.

You must not take part in the event if you are suffering from any contagious illness (including but not limited to symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 (or similar), infection, diarrhoea or vomiting symptoms). You must report any illness during the event to the event medical team immediately.

3.5. Without prejudice to the organiser’s rights in Clause 3.4 above, you acknowledge and agree that if you become ill during the event and are advised by the event medical team to withdraw from the event, you must do so immediately.

Any such determination will be based on a fair and non-discriminatory process and in all cases will be deemed final.

3.6. You may be disqualified (“Disqualification”) from the event by Threshold if you arrive at the event check point after the designated check point closure time (as published by Mind in the pre-event information guide emailed to you 2 weeks before the event).

3.7. You are not permitted to use drugs, alcohol, illegal substances, performance enhancing substances or intoxicants of any kind during or in connection with your participation in the event.

Threshold reserves the right to refuse your attendance at, or participation in, the event if you do so.

3.8. If you're disqualified from participating in the event for any reason, you will not be able to claim back the Registration Fee or any expenses incurred in relation to your participation in the event.

3.9. No dogs (except for, at the sole discretion of Mind or Threshold, assistance dogs) or other animals or pets are permitted at the event or on any of the event routes or sites.

3.10. As a continuing condition of event entry, you must ensure that, for the duration of the event, you:

  • accept that if you decide to carry a phone for emergency purposes it should be securely attached to you on an arm band or in a running pack. This is at your own risk and Mind and Threshold will not be responsible if you drop or break your phone on route
  • accept that you are solely responsible for your own safety during the event
  • agree you are responsible for ensuring you are capable physically to take part in the event and, if necessary, will consult a doctor prior to the event to establish that your level of fitness is appropriate. If deemed necessary from your Online Registration Form, a medical representative of the Organisers may contact you to discuss your suitability of fitness
  • must not start earlier than your allotted start time (although you must arrive at the start of the event 45 minutes before your allotted start time (or such other start time as communicated by Mind in advance)). Failure to comply with this rule may result in disqualification
  • must complete the route by the designated route closure time (as published by Mind in the pre-event information guide). However, Mind and Threshold reserve the right to alter the route start and finish times (e.g. due to inclement weather conditions)
  • acknowledge the recommended kit list for the event, as communicated by email 2 weeks prior to the event, by Mind
  • due to the outdoor nature and endurance aspect of the event, maintain personal hygiene at all times, and adhere to all hygiene advice provided by Mind or Threshold
  • follow the event route signage at all times, and do not deviate from the official signed route and/or the route information or navigation instructions provided for the event
  • abide by all event rules and regulations as may be communicated to them by Mind and/or Threshold from time to time
  • collect and appropriately dispose of your litter along the entirety of the route
  • understand and agree that you are not permitted to bring a formal support crew along the route, as this could endanger the safety of Participants or other event staff;

3.11 Mind is not responsible for technical, hardware or software failures of any digital application that participants can use to enhance the event experience, including lost or unavailable network connections, or failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer/internet transmissions or other errors or malfunctions of any kind which may prevent the participant from being able to use the digital application while attending the event.

Participants' warranties and undertakings 

You warrant and agree that:

4.1 You will be bound by the terms and conditions. By registering for, participating in, attending or accessing the event and/or using our website, you confirm that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and such other terms as may be drawn to your attention by the organisers.

Mind may vary the terms and conditions at any time and such modifications will become effective immediately upon posting of the modified terms on the event section of our website.

By participating or accessing the event following any such variation, you will be deemed to have accepted such variation. you agree that the terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and any dispute arising hereunder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

4.2 You will at all times during the event abide by the reasonable instructions and guidelines of Threshold staff, marshals, nominated representatives, and contractors. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

4.3 Mind owns the event and has appointed Threshold to run the event for Mind and have sole authority and be the final arbiter on all decisions relating to the event, including those relating to health and safety, logistical operations, participation and general organisation.

4.4 The event may need certain endurance demands and commit to prepare to take part in the event by:

  • complying with the event training advice as issued by Mind
  • completing a medical and dietary form as provided during the Online Registration process for the event
  • confirming that you have appropriate liability and personal, travel and equipment insurance in place in order to participant in the event and acknowledge that you have no claim against Mind or Threshold in relation to the provision of such insurance

4.5 Participation in the event involves inherent risks of accidents and injury and you agree to assume all liability for all such risks to the maximum amount permitted by applicable law, including with respect to the transmission of Covid-19 or any variant or other illness and any damage caused by/to third parties or third-party property.

You agree that, by participating in the event, you agree to accept any consequences of doing so, except for death or personal injury caused by Mind’s or Threshold’s negligence and/or breach of statutory duty.

4.6 You are personally responsible for your own belongings during the event. you should collect any personal lost items from the lost property box at the information desk before you leave the event.

Should you discover you have lost an item you should email Mind at [email protected] within 4 weeks of the event date and where the item has been found, arrange for its collection at your own expense. After this 4-week period, items will be donated to charity or disposed of as necessary and at Mind’s discretion.

4.7 You will act sensibly and take care to protect your own (and others’) health and safety, comply with the Mind’s and Threshold’s instructions, and inform them as soon as possible if something goes wrong or if you have any concerns. 

You irrevocably agree to hold harmless, indemnify and keep indemnified and reimburse each of Mind and Threshold from and for any sum, costs or expenses (including legal and professional fees) incurred, payable or paid by each of Mind and/or Threshold to any person (including to you and/or any of your insurers) in connection with any accident, loss, damage or injury (including death) to person, equipment or property arising out of your attendance at and participation in the event or any part thereof and caused (in whole or in part) by you (except where any such injury or death is caused by the negligence of Mind or Threshold or any of their employees and contractors.

4.8 Threshold may enforce the terms of Clauses 7 and 5.5 subject to and in accordance with this Agreement and the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 (the “Act”). Otherwise, you agree that a person who is not a party to the Terms and Conditions will have no right under the Act to enforce any of its terms.

4.9 You will not publish or post on any website or other media operated by Mind or Threshold or related to the event any text, statement, photograph, image or other material which is obscene, blasphemous, defamatory, infringes the intellectual property or other legal rights of any third party or is otherwise unlawful, offensive or inappropriate.

Mind has the right to remove any material at its discretion and take appropriate legal action against any person found to be or alleged to be in breach of this Clause 4.9.

Attendees' warranties and undertakings

5.1 Persons supporting an event participant, but not participating in the event, (an “Attendee”) are permitted to enter the event start and finish sites only.

5.2 The Participant will procure that each of its Attendees agrees at all times during the event to abide by the reasonable instructions and guidelines of Threshold’s staff, marshals, nominated representatives and contractors and to behave appropriately at all times on the event sites.

Privacy statement

6.1 You acknowledge and agree that all personal information relating to you collected by or on behalf of Mind from which you can be identified will be recorded electronically and will be used at all times by Mind in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the processing of personal data and privacy, including:

  • (i) Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (“GDPR”)
  • (ii) Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002 concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector (as amended or replaced from time to time) and applicable laws implementing that directive in European Union Member States or the United Kingdom
  • (iii) the Data Protection Act 2018 and the United Kingdom GDPR as it forms part of the law of the United Kingdom by virtue of section 3 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018. Mind or Threshold will only disclose such information to a third party in connection with the safe organisation, staging and administration of the event, including but not limited to, medical teams, timing and tracking teams and race pack fulfilment.

6.2 You are entitled to withdraw your consent to categories of e-mail and/or SMS communications from Mind and can do so at any time by either:

  • (i) following the opt-out instructions provided in the relevant e-mail or SMS
  • (ii) or emailing [email protected]. Please note that due to email production schedules you may still receive any mailings that are already in production. you acknowledge that a valid e-mail address or SMS contact number will be needed at all times in order for you to receive important event information and you consent to receive any such information.

6.3 Unless you notify Mind otherwise in writing, you consent to the use by or on behalf of Mind or Threshold of your image which has been recorded at the event as a still image or moving imagery.

Such use of your image may include marketing, promotional, press, social media, sales and corporate materials, including brochures, videos, sales literature and website and social media imagery.

6.4 To delete all of your information from Mind’s database, you may email [email protected]. In such circumstances, Mind reserves the right to maintain information about individual sales transactions (not including credit card details) for record keeping. your attention is also drawn to Clause 6.5 below.

6.5 Subject to your right to modify or request the deletion of data from Mind’s database, you acknowledge and agree that it is a strict condition of participation in the event that all mandatory fields within your profile are complete and correct at all times.

These fields include, without limitation, your gender, first name, surname, date of birth, medical condition information and emergency contact details. you also acknowledge and agree that this information is needed by Mind and Threshold in order to properly and safely administer and conduct the event, and they reserve the right to refuse your entry to, or participation in, the event if you request the deletion of such mandatory information or provide false or incomplete information.


7.1 Any complaints in relation to the event should be made to [email protected].

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