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Meet our student content creators

For our 27 27 event we recruited six fantastic student film makers to create our marketing adverts, to encourage students to run 27 miles in 27 days, fundraising in solidarity with the 27% of us who report a mental health problem whilst at Uni. Meet the team behind these engaging videos.


My name is Michael Naylor. I am a visual artist based in London and I specialise in cinematic photography and filmmaking.

I was really interested in working with Mind for this project because I have personally struggled with mental health issues whilst studying at university.

I took up running two years ago and since then have seen a massive improvement in my mental health. I personally think everyone should give running a go as the benefits are incredible. While initially difficult for many I believe the consistent challenge of running, going from 5 minutes to 5k, to 10k. Each milestone brings a sense of accomplishment and when you are struggling with your mental health every small accomplishment is vital to changing your mental outlook.

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Angelica is a final-year Film BA student at the Westminster Film School, London. She is a freelance filmmaker as well as videographer and content creator. As Vice-President of the UWSU Film Society, she also directed the acclaimed 2020 Westminster Film Festival. Within the last year, she has created content for the BBC in addition to other international brands. This is her first collaboration with Mind Charity UK.

Angelica said about her motivation for supporting 27 27: “Going through lockdowns, I noticed how little people talk about mental health and how important this topic is, especially nowadays. I hope the content I released along the Mind 2727 Campaign will help people, especially students, to be more aware of what mental health constitutes in everyday life.

Do it for yourself and the people that surround you. Let’s all take part in Mind's 2727 challenge!”

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I am an aspiring film director, about to graduate from the University of Westminster. As many people, I know friends and family who are affected by their mental health. I cannot stress enough the important work that Mind does in helping those who may be struggling. Particularly amongst student demographics, I believe there is a wonderful opportunity to support the charity through the 27 27 event. This motivated me to make an uplifting and inspiring campaign video.

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Paulina is a recent Film (BA) Honours graduate from Westminster Film school in London. During her undergraduate education, she specialised in Post-Production and is currently working as a freelance Junior Video Editor. She’s worked in the editorial department on projects for brands such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, McDonald’s, and William Grant & Sons. This is her first collaboration with Mind.

Paulina tells us about her motivations for supporting Mind:

“Mental health at university is still considered a taboo. The increasing number of students who struggle to succeed academically, to maintain a healthy social life, and to be independent of their families can feel discouraged to report their difficulties due to the lack of dialogue.

As someone who found it hard to cope with my mental health during university, I expressed interest in the project for the 27 27 fundraising event because I understand the importance of allowing every student's voice to be heard in order to raise awareness and show support. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to work alongside Mind and to support their cause to raise money and awareness for better mental health!"

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Hi, I’m Miriam. I’m a UCA Farnham Animation graduate, currently studying an MA in Directing Animation at the National Film and Television School.

So many people I met at Uni were impacted by a mental health issue. I have my own share of experience, with severe OCD and pseudo-psychosis as a teenager. I was later diagnosed with autism in my second year of university and deal with chronic anxiety day to day. Though times have been tough, I want to use my experiences to enhance my work as I try to create films that highlight the hidden challenges some of us face.

I believe it is vital we work together to support organisations like Mind, to ensure we can all access support and understanding, no matter what we are going through. Mental health issues will have been exacerbated by what Covid has put us through. The worst thing we can do is act like there isn’t a problem. My advice to anyone feeling rough would be don’t bottle it all up; Letting out what’s on your mind can feel really scary, and it might not solve everything straight away, but it can be the first step in the right direction.

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Kareem Sleem is a Creative Video Producer who specialises in social media content creation. His work is recognised for its youth, diverse and global approach. Through moving image, he aims to inform, educate and entertain audiences from all walk of life.

Instagram account: KareemSleem_

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If you're looking for mental health support, see our pages on student mental health for more information and if you've got any questions about 27 27 please see our FAQ page.

If you're a budding student film maker yourself and are interesting in working with us next year, please drop us an email at [email protected]

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