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Meet the 27 27 champions and the 27 reasons to support Young People’s mental health

This year 27 27 is led by 11 student champions from colleges and universities across England and Wales. Find out more about each of our champions and why they are taking part.


"I’m Alison, a third-year film student at Staffordshire University. I especially enjoy cinematography and editing and have worked on different content, from short films to promotional videos.

Being given this opportunity to work with Mind means a lot to me. I know people who have had difficulties with their mental health at university, and I have really struggled with it myself for years, particularly anxiety and loneliness.

Film, for me, is an outlet and a way of communicating and expressing myself when I find things difficult. So I hope my work encourages people to join in and help improve mental health at university. This is an issue that is so important to raise awareness of and talk about."

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“I’m Anouk Witkowska Hiffler, a French-German Film student at the University of Westminster. I write and direct comedic short films and am very interested in all forms of political filmmaking. I also play the drums and wish I could pull off the kilt.

It’s been very valuable for me to work on this short video for Mind. The link between mental health and physical activity is vital, and I am confident the 27 27 challenge is making a difference!”

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"Hello! My name is Bella. I am a second-year film BA student at the University of Westminster with a passion for all things film. Specifically cinematography. Alongside my degree, I am pursuing work as a camera trainee. I am also directing my debut short film, "The Ladies," at the end of February.

All good films are based on a strong story. Creating my film for Mind, I wanted to keep the important message of the 27 27 campaign at the forefront. During lockdown, I personally experienced mental health problems that I'd never been through before. It was scary. I felt very lonely. Despite this, things did get better. Even a walk in the park or a quick chat with a friend could make my day a little brighter!

I chose to shoot on 16mm with the ARRI SR3, creating a warm and homey feel to the ad. Although coming with unique challenges, shooting on film is thrilling and one-of-a-kind experience. I'm so happy with how the final product turned out!"

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"I'm Celestia Moon. A first-year student studying Contemporary Media Practice at Westminster University. I specialise and am more drawn to surrealism and horror within my work. This is why I was delighted to expand my portfolio while working with Mind.

As someone who has struggled with mental health and found that running helped massively, I was incredibly happy to represent 27 miles in 27 days in my own little way!

Instagram Portfolio: @draknyuek

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"Hi, I’m Margarida! I’m a third-year film student at Middlesex University. I specialise in cinematography. Throughout my life, I’ve been very fortunate to explore and evolve my passion for the visual medium. With that, I’ve learnt its great power as an influential and inspirational tool.

Mental health problems within students are a common issue. Whether it is due to its very personal nature, the fact that it is still seen as taboo, or because it is often failed to be recognised as an actual issue, it has not been talked about enough. I recognise that battling these difficulties is not easy. Especially when it seems like we’re alone in it. That’s why I value Mind’s work so much. I did not hesitate to take part in the opportunity of applying my passion in advertising their important campaign that not only raises awareness and opens conversation around this topic, but also raises money which allows for a more direct help to students.

I encourage everyone to take part in this challenge, spread its message and, if possible, donate to this important cause that will, undoubtedly, create a better life for students and generate a better future for everyone."

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Naya studies at Coventry University and describes herself as a creative individual who finds beauty in the little things. The idea for Naya’s video was to interview different students to explore identity, mental health and similarity in human emotion. Ultimately showing that everyone has feelings irrespective of who they are.

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If you're looking for mental health support, see our pages on student mental health for more information. If you've got any questions about 27 27, please see our FAQ page.

If you're a budding student filmmaker yourself and are interesting in working with us next year, please drop us an email at [email protected]

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