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27 reasons to support young people’s mental health

27 days. 27 miles. 27 reasons. This March, run for student mental health.

This year, 27 27 is being led by 10 student champions from colleges and universities across England and Wales. Meet the champions and find out why they're taking part by reading our 27 reasons to support young people's mental health.

Reason 1

Nearly a quarter of young people aged 17-19 are now experiencing a mental health problem.

Reason 2

Join me in 27 27 as it’s a great way to stay active and raise awareness for student mental health.

– Cristina from Oxford University

Reason 3

You’ll keep our Youth Voice Network going. Our network gives young people across England and Wales a chance to shape the work we do.

Cristina, 27 27 Champion

Reason 4

To help tackle mental health issues faced by young people.

– Ore, a second year student at the University of Sussex

Reason 5

Because the number of young people aged 17-22 with a probable mental health problem has gone up 40% since 2017.

Reason 6

Getting active can help reduce the risk of developing depression.

Ore, 27 27 Champion

Reason 7

I’m taking part in 27 27 after losing my sister to suicide. I want to spread awareness and reduce the stigma around mental health.

- Kelsey, studying at De Montfort University

Reason 8

Running and raising money for Mind will help us do even more for young people across England and Wales.

Reason 9

Sky, from Vision West Nottinghamshire College, is taking part to:

Help remove the stigma around mental health.


Kelsey, 27 27 Champion

Reason 10

Because you'll be helping us push the government for a better deal when it comes to mental health.

Reason 11

More and more students are facing mental health problems. Research shows more than a third (35%) of university students were dealing with a challenge to their mental health in 2021.

Reason 12

I’m taking part to reassure people who might be afraid to seek help for their mental health.

- Ethan at Oxford University


Ethan, 27 27 Champion

Reason 13

You’re keeping our Young Journalists newsletter going. All about mental health, it’s written by and for young people.

Reason 14

Anaiah, from Bedford College is taking part:

To support other young people struggling with their mental health.

Reason 15

Because in 2019-2020, 65% of young people with mental health problems didn’t access treatment.

Reason 16

You’ll be helping us change how mental health works for young people. Our strategy is clear – young people are a key group who are affected more by mental health problems. Together, we can change that for good.


Anaiah, 27 27 Champion

Reason 17

Your fundraising will help us make sure every young person gets the mental health care they deserve.

Reason 18

I’m taking part in 27 27 to destigmatise conversations around student mental health.

– Caitlin at LSE

Reason 19

You’ll be inspiring other young people to speak up about mental health.

Caitlin, 27 27 Champion

Reason 20

I find running a great way to switch off, but also this is a really fun challenge. I want to show my solidarity for student mental health.

– Leah from the University of Nottingham

Reason 21

Physical activity can help with stress and anxiety. Moving more gives your brain something else to focus on, something really handy when things are tough.

Reason 22

It’s a chance to be mindful. These 27 miles are all yours. Keep them just for you and make each mile about being mindful.

Leah, 27 27 Champion

Reason 23

Abbey at Salford University is taking part:

to support Mind’s work with young people.

Reason 24

You’ll be helping us shine a light on what needs to change for young people. Your support will help us report on mental health support for young people, and really show where change is needed.

Reason 25

You'll be helping keep our Infoline open for any young person who needs it. Our Infoline provides crucial information and support to anyone phoning in.

Abbey, 27 27 Champion

Reason 26

I’ll be running 27 27 this year because it gives me a reason to get out the house and get active, even on the days I’m not feeling so good.

- Niamh, studying at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. 

Reason 27

This is just the start. Together we can change the mental health story for young people.

Niamh, 27 27 Champion

Got your own reason for supporting young people's mental health?

Join us in running 27 miles and fundraising.

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