The Mind 2014 Calendar

The Mind 2014 calendar features artists who've all had experience of mental health problems and have found that making art has helped their mental health.

The front cover was produced by Ellie Depp.

You can buy the calendar from our online shop for £2.99

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Inside image of Calendar Christmas


The Christmas artwork is Family of Penguins and has been produced by Melissa Nash, taking part in Westminster Mind's art project called Portugal Prints.


Inside Image Os Calendar July 2014


July 2014 artwork is Beach Huts produced by Alwen Parkin at Sunderland Mind.

You can buy the calendar from our online shop for £2.99

Creative therapies fund

We, along with Mind Ambassador Stuart Semple, set up the Creative Therapies Fund to help people make sense of their mental health problems through creativity. Through local projects, it provides a way of using the arts —for example, music, painting, clay, dance, voice or drama —in a supportive environment with a trained therapist.

Artists credits and thanks

Cover: Field of sunflowers, by Ellie Depp/

November 2013: Kirsten Oliver-Lewis/Mid Powys Mind

December 2013: Family of penguins, Melissa Nash/Westminster Mind/Portugal Prints

January 2014: The Street, Diane Hayward/Mid Powys Mind

February 2014: Hearts, Portugal Prints/Westminster Mind/Portugal Prints

March 2014: Boats, Stuart Kenyon/St Helens Mind

April 2014: Springtime, Jeanette Hocking/Buckinghamshire Mind

May 2014: Full bloom, Graham Windsor/Westminster Mind/Portugal Prints

June 2014: Summertime, Lalita Bidda/Buckinghamshire Mind

July 2014: Beach huts, Olwen Parkin /Sunderland Mind

August 2014: Field of sunflowers, Ellie Depp

September 2014: Flemish landscape II, Hugh Harris

October 2014: Squirrel, Mores Goustan/Westminster Mind/Portugal Prints

November 2014: There is a way through the wood, Gabrielle Duncan/Mid Powys Mind

December 2014 : Snowstorm on pass, Hugh Harris

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