Frequently asked questions on share giving

What type of shares can Mind accept?

Mind accepts donations of shares in UK and foreign-listed companies. Mind also accepts Guilds.

Will Mind accept 'lock in' shares that cannot be sold for a specific period of time?

In most cases, yes. However, Mind will not accept 'lock in' shares in pharmaceutical companies, because it is Mind's policy to immediately sell shares in pharmaceutical companies.

Does Mind have an ethical policy?

Mind will accept shares in all types of companies. However, Mind will immediately sell any shares received in pharmaceutical companies. This is because Mind is an independent charity, not influenced by any organisations that could compromise our position and values.

We also reserve the right to exercise our discretion in accepting gifts of shares if we feel that the activities of the company concerned are in direct conflict with Mind's interests and objectives.

What will Mind do with my shares?

Mind will assess the state of the market and our own needs at the time and make a decision as to whether to sell the shares as soon as possible or to keep the shares for a longer-term investment. All funds generated from the sale of shares are used to support Mind's charitable objectives.

I only have a few shares. Is it worth Mind having them?

Mind will accept shares worth £250 or more. Unfortunately, the administration cost involved in transferring and selling a smallholding of shares is likely to outweigh the financial return if the value of the shares is less than £250. However, in these cases, you could donate your shares to ShareGift (registered charity 1052686). ShareGift has been set up especially to accept donations of small amounts of shares that cannot otherwise be sold. They collect donated shares until they have enough to sell and use the funds generated to support a wide range of UK charities. Mind has already received almost £50,000 in donations from ShareGift. If you decide to donate shares to ShareGift please remember to mention that you are a supporter of Mind.

Find out more about ShareGift

Is it better to give shares or sell them and donate the proceeds?

Either option will provide a great support to Mind's work. However, the tax benefits to you as a donor may vary. It is best to seek professional advice from an accountant, solicitor or financial adviser for personal tax or investment advice according to your own situation. You can also visit the HM Revenue & Customs website for more information.

What are the benefits to Mind?

Share donations are an alternative to cash donations and are increasingly becoming a valuable source of income for Mind.

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