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Donating shares to Mind - a generous gift

Twelve million people in the UK own shares, with a combined value of £200 billion. If only a tiny fraction of these were donated to charity, imagine what a difference it could make.

Donate your shares

Donating shares to Mind is a not only a caring way to help those experiencing mental health problems, but it can also be a wise financial decision. Share donation is one of the most tax-effective ways to give. There is no capital gains tax on the shares you donate - either in calculating a gain or a loss - and the amount of tax relief you can claim will correspond to the market value of the shares on the day you make the gift. You can also claim relief on any associated costs such as brokers' fees.

How it works

Individual cases may vary, but typically a higher rate taxpayer could claim £400 tax relief on a donation of £1,000 worth of shares. For a standard rate taxpayer, the relief on £1,000 could be £220. You can make a claim on your self-assessment tax form, or by contacting your local tax office. The following table gives an idea of the rates.

Value of shares Amount of income tax relief you can claim Cost to you (as share-owner) Value to Mind
Basic rate taxpayer (22%) £1000 £220 £780 £1000
Higher rate taxpayer (40%) £100 £400 £600 £1000

Financial advice

Please note that while we can provide information about how to donate shares to Mind, we cannot advise you on your personal financial situation. For financial advice, please contact a financial advisor or your local tax office.


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