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Will you create a future where mental health is valued in every workplace?

A gift in your will could make that a reality.

A new generation of young people are now embarking on their careers – maybe even your children or grandchildren. What kind of work culture will await them in the years ahead?

The truth is, some will experience mental health problems. When that happens, will they feel supported at work – or will they be met with silence and stigma?

With a gift in your will, you could decide which working world future generations will inherit. You could put employees’ mental health needs at the forefront of employers’ minds – and that really could save lives.

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A gift in your will to us makes a world of difference

Thanks to those who left us a gift in their will in the past, we’re already making progress in this crucial area. As part of our Workplace Wellbeing Programme, companies like Environment Agency are ensuring mental health is valued just as much as physical health – and staff have even started their own mental health network.

By supporting our work in this incredibly special way, you’ll help us guide more workplaces to follow in Environment Agency’s footsteps – creating a safer, more compassionate working world for future generations. Thank you.

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While there’s no obligation to make a gift in your will to us, we hope you’ll consider it – and create a future where mental health is valued in every workplace.

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Let us know your intentions

If you intend to make a gift to us in your will, or if you've already included a gift to Mind in your will, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Not only does it mean that we can plan better for the future, but we’d also love the opportunity to say thank you.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jenny in our Wills Team:

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0208 215 2243

Inspiring Stories

We've received some inspiring, and positive stories from supporters about their experiences. Some have coped through adversity, others have used our services or have cared for a friend or family member. Here you can read about what motivated them to include a gift to Mind in their will.

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