How Mind helped Pete

Pete was on his way to present at a work conference the day he called Mind. Half blinded by tears and overwhelmed by panic, he didn’t feel safe to drive.

That’s when he remembered Mind’s Infoline.

"That quiet, calm, reassuring voice. That’s what Mind was in that moment for me."

“But Mind’s Infoline can’t be there without the generosity of people like you. Please, will you send £20 today to help make sure there’s a trained Infoline advisor for people in need?” - Pete


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How Pete's call to our helpine gave him someone to turn to

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Mind is a charity and we rely on donations. We’re very grateful to everyone who supports us financially. We want you to feel confident that we’re spending our money wisely. That’s why we’re committed to being open about how we're funded and managed.

We spent £25.6m in 2016/17 and for every £1 we received in donations, we spent 72p on our charitable work. We spent £20.8m in total delivering our charitable work, including our website, helplines and information.

You can find more information on how we raise and spend your donations here

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