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A kinder future for mental health

You’re part of a proud history of standing up for mental health. Will you make a gift in your will to Mind, and be part of a kinder future, too?

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Amidst all the uncertainty we’re facing as a society, it’s important to reflect. Because when it comes to mental health, we really have come such a long way together. Our story goes back 75 years, when we were established as the National Association of Mental Health (NAMH). And the spirit that underpinned us at the start – of kindness, community and caring – still drives us forward today.

With a gift in your will, you’ll be passing that spirit on to the next generation. So that whatever the future holds, Mind will always be here to stand up for and stand alongside anyone with a mental health problem, and challenge those in power to support them too.

A proud timeline - a kinder future

1946 - a time for change

As our nation rebuilt after the Second World War, NAMH (later, Mind) came together just as the NHS was being founded. Mary Frances Appleby was an early director, who spearheaded the campaign against mass institutionalisation of people living with mental health problems.

1971 - MIND campaign begins

In 1971 the Association launched MIND: a major campaign to promote education and awareness of mental health. It was really pioneering at the time, and so successful that NAMH became ‘Mind’.

Our first major awareness-raising campaign

2010 - Seni's Law

In 2010, Seni Lewis tragically died aged just 23, after being restrained by 11 police officers on a mental health ward. Following Seni’s Inquest in 2017, Steve Reed MP suggested a law to prevent further injustices against others. 

Following a tireless campaign by Seni’s family, waged with the help of the family lawyer Raju Bhatt, Mind, INQUEST and other charities, Seni’s  Law was passed in 2018 to end the excessive use of force against mental health patients.

Olaseni with his grandmother

2020 – You kept us going, through the toughest times

Last year was tougher than most. But thanks to the kindness and generosity of our supporters like you, we were still able to be there for those who needed us.

We were able to keep our Infoline open, and answer the rising number of calls from people who were struggling with their mental health and often had nowhere else to turn. And we teamed up with other mental health charities to set up Our Frontline, bringing round-the-clock support to the nation’s inspirational key workers.

A gift in your will could secure the future of our community for generations

With your help, we can meet the needs of everyone in society for decades to come. We can campaign for better support – and build a kinder and fairer society for everyone.

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Let us know your intentions

If you intend to make a gift to us in your will, or if you've already included a gift to Mind in your will, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Letting us know your plans isn’t legally binding, we will always respect your wishes and understand you are in control. If you do tell us, not only does it mean that we can plan better for the future, but we’d also love the opportunity to say thank you and share with you the positive change you’re making on so many people’s lives.

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Inspiring Stories

We've received some inspiring and positive stories from supporters about their experiences. Some have coped through adversity, others have used our services or have cared for a friend or family member. Here you can read about what motivated them to include a gift to Mind in their will.

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