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Tools for streamers

If you’re wanting to stand out from the crowd there are plenty of ways to jazz up your stream. We’ve pulled together our favourite third party tools and created some Mind branded resources to help make your stream generate the most money and raise awareness for Mind in the most fun ways.

Streaming software

Once you’ve got your game sorted you will need some streaming software to connect with your audience.

  • OBS Studio is free software to help you stream to straight to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and many other platforms. You can even stream to multiple platforms at once, ideal if you have an audience that hangs out in different places. There are a lot of cool guides out there on how to use OBS, including a fun wiki page
  • Streamlabs OBS is another free streaming software, which is maybe a little simpler, and more user friendly if you’re just getting going with broadcasting your event. We especially like the goals and alerts widgets on Streamlabs, which is a fantastic tool to help you keep your audience, engaged with your fundraising and thank them for those live donations.

Fundraising platforms

Depending on what platform you are using either Tiltify or JustGiving you can find lots of useful and helpful resources to make your stream look awesome!

If you’re using JustGiving you’ll be able to find their pretty comprehensive list of tips and resources which will help even the most newest of newbies to streaming.

  • If you’re an absolute beginner then fear not, you will find easy to follow steps to help get you started.
  • They have thought of amazing ways for you to engage your donors and have produced a ton of resources, they’ve certainly been creative which in turn will make you creative, so everyone’s a winner!

If your platform is Tiltfy then they also have done a pretty good job of keeping your stream looking cutting edge

  • They have links for Streamlabs, which will allow you to interact with your viewers and more importantly, allow them to donate to your stream, so it’s kind of a big deal! It also allows you to easily chat and interact with those following.
  • They have everything you need to make your stream engaging for your followers as well as giving you the opportunity to make your stream unique to you. Adding a schedule so you can inform your donors when your stream is going to start, to creating a poll for your donors, along with milestones and incentives too. You can be as creative as you like with these amazing tools.
  • Brand new to 2020 is Twitch’s fundraising extension for Tiltify, allowing your audience to donate directly to your page without ever having to leave your Twitch page.

Mind branded resources

Thank you so much for joining the Mind family with your event. Make your stream look the part with these handy branded resources we’ve created for you.

We hope that the information provided will make your stream the best ever and we of course of hope you have fun streaming. We are so grateful for your support to the Mind cause, because without that help we would not be able to offer support and guidance for everyone who needs it. Thank you.

Drop us a line at [email protected] should you need any question answered. We are happy to help.

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