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Host your Crafternoon at work

Start the Christmas celebrations at work by holding a Christmas Crafternoon with your colleagues.

Get together with your colleagues over Zoom, and take some time out to focus on your wellbeing before the Christmas period begins.

We’ll provide all the tips and practical support you need to make beautiful cards, presents and decorations, so that’s one job ticked off the list! And the money you and your colleagues raise at your Crafternoon will help us meet the increased demand for our services, as the mental health impact of the pandemic continues to be keenly felt by many.

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Workplace resources

Set up a Just Giving page

Make fundraising easy with a Just Giving page. Get step by step instructions below, or get started by visiting Just Giving.

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Downloadable graphics

Spread the word in style with downloadable graphics for your intranet, newsletter, or social media.

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Quick and easy crafts

We've got a whole range of simple craft ideas that anyone can try, no matter their experience.

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Crafternoon FAQs

Got questions about your Crafternoon? You might find the answers here.


Pay in donations

Ready to pay in Crafternoon fundraising? Amazing! Find out how below.

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More resources

Find more resources here, including recipes, games, invites, and posters.

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How to hold your workplace Crafternoon - in three steps

Our seasoned Crafternooner Paula has just held her third Crafternoon at work for Mind, so she knows a thing or two about bringing together craft, cake and colleagues. We asked her to share her inside tips on planning.

Paula’s top tips

  1. Set your date and time. "I hold our Crafternoons at lunchtime, so those who work regular hours don't have to get their manager's permission to attend. As for the date, I decide on it plenty of time in advance. Where I work I often need to be flexible with our Crafternoon to fit around availability, so it’s important to get in early.

  2. Choose your crafts. "I always make sure I have a pretty good idea of what craft activity I'm going to offer before I start advertising. The activity can be a great way to draw people in and get them excited."
  3. Get your colleagues on board. "I get an item put in the weekly staff bulletin, and I put up posters around the office. Then I send an email invite to all staff in my department, and ask them to spread the word… then when you've done it once, you've got a bit of a captive audience for next time!"
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