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Before the day

We’ve got you covered with all your planning essentials, from getting the word out and inviting your guests to decorating on the day.    

Crafternoon guide

Christmas Crafternoon 2019

Get a digital version of your Crafternoon guide. Why not print off the checklist in your guide and stick it on your fridge?

Download the guide

Crafternoon invitation

Christmas Crafternoon editable invite

You can edit and personalise these invites yourself, just click on any of the dotted lines and start typing.

Download the invite

Social media graphics

We've got graphics for social media to use to spread the word about your Crafternoon. 

Check out the graphics

Crafternoon poster

Christmas Crafternoon A3 poster

These posters are perfect for a workplace or community hall. Edit them digitally or print off and write on them. 

Download the poster

Crafternoon bunting

Crafternoon bunting template

Print off a few sheets of these for 1 metre of Crafternoon bunting and string together with ribbon.

Download the bunting

Suggested suppliers

Supplies to create a paper house decoration

Some of our Crafternooners have got together to suggest their favourite places to buy their crafts from.

Download suppliers list

Wellbeing tips for hosts

Wellbeing tips for Crafternoon hosts

We've put together some handy wellbeing tips to help you have the best possible experience of hosting.

Download the tips

Invites via Facebook

Group of people holding a Christmas Crafternoon

Invite your Crafternoon guests through Facebook using these simple instructions.

Download the instructions

Other ways to get involved

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