Crafternoon FAQ's

It's great that you have lots of questions about Crafternoon - hopefully you can find your answers here, but if not just drop us an email and we'll be able to help. 

Is there a specific date that I should hold my Crafternoon on?

You can hold your Crafternoon on any date that is most suitable for you. We just ask that once you have set your date, you let us know by dropping us an email.


Where should I hold my Crafternoon?

Hold your Crafternoon in the place that best suits you. It could be in your home, your place of work or you could hold it in a venue such as a café or a local community centre.


How do I raise money through my Crafternoon?

We think the best way to fundraise is to charge your guests a donation for attending. Maybe £5, but you can make it whatever you like.

But there are other ways to raise even more money at your Crafternoon, such as selling cakes and refreshments or holding a raffle. There’s lots of resources to help with this in our online craft cupboard

If I’m not a very crafty person, can I still hold a Crafternoon?

Of course! Crafternoon is for everyone whether you’re a beginner or an expert. We recommend looking in your Crafternoon pack or in the online craft cupboard for or crafting templates that are great for beginners. They can also be customised for more advanced crafters..


What support do I get when holding a Crafternoon?

We want holding a Crafternoon to be a great experience for you, which is why we’re here to support you as much as we can. So if you find yourself with any questions or queries we’ll be on hand to help either by email or telephone at 0300 999 3887

Once you have registered for a Crafternoon information and fundraising pack, it will be will make its way to you in the post within 10 working days. We hope you like it, it’s full of crafting ideas, fundraising ideas, as well as the best ways to promote your Crafternoon.

You’ll also need to keep an eye on your inbox as we’ll be sending you a series of enewsletters full of even more crafty ideas and advice in the run up to your Crafternoon and throughout your time fundraising for Mind.

You can also join our Crafternoon Facebook group and meet other people who are holding a Crafternoon and share and ask for advice and tips


I’ve registered but I haven’t heard anything

You should have received an email straight away when you registered. If you did not receive this you might need to register again or check in your junk folder.

Your Crafternoon pack will be sent to you in the post, it should arrive 10 working days from registration. If you have any difficulties with your registration please do give us a call on 0300 999 3887 or drop us an email.

Is there a local Crafternoon event that I can attend?

The best way to find out if someone is holding a Crafternoon near you is to join our Crafternoon Facebook group. You will then be able to ask the other members if they are holding an event near you, and if it is open to the public.


Crafting materials are expensive. Do you have any advice about how I can obtain any materials cheaply or for free?

We recommend that you contact as many local business as you can with a request for free or cheap materials. Tell them about Crafternoon, tell them about Mind and tell them why Mind is an important charity to you.

We can then send you a supporting letter which you can include when you approach any companies. This will officially confirm that you are holding a Crafternoon for Mind and increases the chances of a business donating. To get your supporting letter just email us or call 0300 999 3887.

Are there any materials that Mind can give me for my Crafternoon?

When you register for Crafternoon we will send you a Crafternoon pack in the post in the next 10 working days. As well as all the information you need to hold your Crafternoon this includes crafty template and Mind materials to help decorate your event – balloons, a banner and a collection box.


I’d like to raise money online as part of my Crafternoon. How do I set up an online giving page / what site is best to use?

Online fundraising pages are a brilliant way to fundraise; they’re free, quick, secure, and donations reach us automatically – so no chasing people for pledged money.

We use Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving at Mind, so you’ll need to use one of these two if you’d like to for fundraise for us online. They are both very simple to set up, just click on "start fundraising" and you will be guided through the process of setting up your page.


I am under 18, can I still hold a Crafternoon for Mind?

You can hold a Crafternoon if you’re under 18, however your parent or guardian will need to complete the Crafternoon registration form on your behalf. They will also need to email us  with more info about your Crafternoon – just so we know that they’re happy with what you’re doing.


I’m holding my Crafternoon at a venue that requires public liability insurance. Can I use your insurance?

Unfortunately our public liability insurance does not cover third party fundraisers.

Most venues do have insurance that covers third party events. So to avoid any extra work or costs, it will be easiest if you can secure a venue where you will be covered under their public liability insurance.

If that’s not possible, then it’s best to have a chat to an insurance broker.


I would like to hold a raffle at my Crafternoon are there any rules about doing a raffle / lottery?

Surprisingly there are a lot of rules around holding a simple raffle or lottery and in some instances you’ll need to obtain a gambling licence. To explain simply; if you’re holding a private raffle, than you will not need to obtain a gambling licence and if you’re holding a public raffle then you will need to obtain a gambling licence.

In a private raffle, tickets can only be sold at the event, on the premises of the event, and the raffle must not be the sole purpose for the event. The raffle will also need to be drawn and winners announced at the event. If your raffle does not fall into all of the conditions above, then your raffle is a public raffle and you will need to get a gambling licence from your local authority.

If you are unsure as to whether or not your raffle is public or private, then it’s always best to give your local authority a ring to double check.

And don’t forget, as under-16s are not allowed to gamble, you must not sell them any raffle tickets, whether your raffle is private or public.


Can I raise money for my local Mind through Crafternoon?

Crafternoon is a national Mind fundraising initiative, rather than a local Mind. Of course you can still hold a Crafternoon to raise money for your local Mind, but we do ask that you contact your local Mind directly for advice and fundraising materials.

You will also need to make sure that the event is advertised in aid of your local Mind, and you do not use any marketing material with the national Mind’s charity on, otherwise by fundraising law, this money will have to come to the national Mind.  


Can I use the Mind logo to promote my event?

You cannot use our main Mind logo on your own materials, but we do have a dedicated supporter logo that states you are fundraising in aid of Mind. We would be happy to send you this logo, just email us.


What is the best way to send in my fundraising to Mind?

By post

Fill in your donation form included in your pack with cheques or your credit or debit card details (please do not send cash). Make sure to include your name and address so we know the money came from you.

Send it to our Freepost address:



Granta House

15-19 Broadway


E15 4BQ

Over the phone

Call our Supporter Relations team on 0300 999 3887 to make a credit or debit card payment.


Donate on our website, and remember to include ‘Crafternoon’ in your reference


Can I claim Gift Aid from donations at my Crafternoon?

We can only claim gift aid on your Crafternoon fundraising if we collect contact details and a gift aid declaration from each person who donates towards your Crafternoon, so we can show that they are eligible by being a UK taxpayer. If you collect donations on Just Giving it will automatically ask your donors for this information. If you are collecting offline and you would like us to be able to claim gift aid, please use a sponsor form to record details of how much each guest donates and their details then send this to us with your fundraising. Just drop us an email if you'd like a form. Please note that your fundraising total on our records will be the total without Gift Aid included, as this income is not guaranteed and including it could result in inaccurate records.

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