Nikki's story

A friend came to see me and knew something wasn't right.

We'd like to say a big thank you to member Nikki, who shares her story of psychosis with us in the next edition of the magazine. To read more stories like Nikki's join us.

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Nikki's experience of psychosis

What happened

"I felt that I had this huge responsibility in the battle between good and evil and phoned my parents and sister to tell them not to leave the house because it was too dangerous. I was ascribing deep meanings to things that didn’t have deep meanings."

How she recovered

"I was given anti-psychotic medication and managed to get talking therapies though my work medical insurance. The psychosis lasted around eight weeks. Once it had passed I fell into a deep depression. I felt embarrassed and humiliated and guilty about how I’d behaved. I lost all my confidence.

Fortunately, though, the support of my family, friends and colleagues helped me through the ordeal and I am now back at work, back in my flat, off anti-psychotic medication and starting to enjoy the things I used to enjoy."

What is psychosis?

Psychosis describes the experience of perceiving or interpreting events differently from other people. It is not a condition in itself, but is triggered by other mental health problems – Nikki’s doctors are investigating whether she may have bipolar disorder.
If you experience psychosis, you might experience hallucinations, delusions and/or flights of ideas.

The effects of psychosis

Psychosis affects people differently. Some people experience it only once. Others experience several short episodes. And some people live with psychosis as an ongoing problem. It might make you feel anxious, scared, confused, frustrated, suspicious of others, victimised, misunderstood, alone, depressed and/or tired. You might find it difficult to concentrate, trust people or sleep. And you might put yourself and others at risk and act in a way that people see as aggressive.

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