Nigel: my family and other dogs by Monty Don

I hugely enjoyed this book, but that’s not surprising really given how much I love dogs. I’ve always really enjoyed spending time around them, and this book helped me to understand why.

Monty hasn’t been without a dog since he was 21. His current pet is Nigel, an eight year old Golden Retriever. While Monty gardens, Nigel chases tennis balls around the garden, and generally gets in the way. Monty has talked about his experiences of depression before, and in this book he explains how having a faithful canine companion has helped him to get through some really dark times.

As well as telling us about Nigel, in this book Monty tells us about all the dogs he’s owned and how they’re all unique. It’s quite clear that he’s loved each and every one of them – and goes to great lengths to explain why. He tells us how they’ve enriched his life, helped his mental health and kept him company following his stroke.|

As I mentioned at the beginning, I loved this book – and I’ve never watched Gardeners’ World. You absolutely don’t have to be into gardening to enjoy reading this – but it would probably help if you have a soft spot for a furry friend or two.

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