Written in the Stars - Ali Harris

This is a relaxing, easy-to-read, escapist holiday book. It was fun to read, and I enjoyed the dual narrative a lot – if you’re not sure what this means just think ‘Sliding Doors’.

We follow the main character, Bea as she follows two different paths - one where she marries her boyfriend and one where she decides against it at the very last minute. It's really interesting to see how our lives can develop very differently depending on decision we make because of factors that we have no control over.

There are a lot of mental health issues discussed in the book, Bea develops depression and as someone who’s experienced mental health problems myself it often felt very close to home. The book is quite an emotional read and some of the characters have to deal with some distressing events both before and during the book – I think other people might find parts of it a bit upsetting.

Overall, this is a heart-warming book which is perfect if you’re not looking for anything too demanding or heavy to read. If you’ve enjoyed the author’s previous books, I doubt you’ll be disappointed by this one!

Hannah, Mind member

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