More Fool Me by Stephen Fry

Lots of members will already be familiar with Stephen Fry’s well-documented mental health problems. He’s spoken openly and honestly about his struggle to live with bipolar disorder and how passionately he feels about the stigma that still surrounds mental health problems. I really admire him for that, so was really looking forward to reading his new book.

It’s not important to have read either of his previous autobiographies – this instalment begins with a re-cap of both of them which I found really useful. It took me a little while to get used to his style of writing, but once I’d read the first few chapters I began to really enjoy his writing tone, which is honest, engaging and very self-deprecating. I’m sure you’ll all know that a large chunk of the book is dedicated to his cocaine abuse, and I was really worried that I’d find it triggering but instead I just found it moving and really empathised with him.

I love Stephen Fry, and I really liked this book – I’d recommend it to members if they’re interested in finding out more about his past. It’s true that you can find out a lot about him from following him on Twitter, or just reading one of the reviews of this book in the press – but I came to really like him because of how vulnerable he makes himself through his writing and I don’t think I would have done without actually reading the book.

David, Mind member.

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