**Kate's Wild Card** The Trauma Cleaner: One Woman's Extraordinary Life in Death, Decay & Disaster, by Sarah Krasnostein

**Content warning: This book contains strong language as well as descriptions of physical and sexual abuse and suicide which some readers may find upsetting**

On the face of it, The Trauma Cleaner, which offers a window into a little known area of life, already sounds like an interesting read. The practicalities of what happens after someone dies at home and lies undiscovered or hoards for 40 years are fascinating, but what gives this book its warmth and sincerity is Sandra. Compassionate, empathetic and never judgemental, Sandra and her team bring care and order to the living and the dead.

The book alternates between Sandra’s work and the story of her hard and varied life. Sandra, born as Peter, was abused by her adopted family; and went through an early marriage, fatherhood and divorce, to living full-time as a woman.  Before starting her successful trauma cleaning business Sandra has been sex-worker, housewife and the first female funeral director in Victoria, Australia. Sandra’s story is truly epic.

This book is often not an easy read as you are confronted with the reality of what Sandra and her clients have been through. But the book is also brilliantly written and incredibly touching and Sandra is most definitely extraordinary.

Amy, Marketing Manager at Mind

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