An Elephant, The Pit and Me by Lee M Eason

**Content warning: This book contains descriptions of depression**

This book is very much, a warm hug and a helping hand that charts a way through depression. It is a positive, sometimes humorous, but never flippant book written in the face of what can be a negative and often misunderstood illness. The writer speaks candidly and shares this growing understanding with the reader in a way that is easily understood.

His honest recounts of meetings with his doctor, counsellor and his employer, taking medication, talking with family and friends, brain chatter, even leaving the house and going to the supermarket were thought provoking and offered self-tested solutions to making these challenging experiences manageable. His thoughts on mindfulness and meditation strike a chord with anyone interested in their mental well-being and his experiences of cooking and crafting, as a pathway to achievement, are a reminder that pleasure and self-worth can be found in small things.

The shared information about depression and a range of other mental health issues, which can be linked to depression, was informative and more accessible because it was placed in the contexts of his daily life. This is a book for people suffering from depression and wanting to find their own way through it. It is also for those people surrounding them who want to understand how they can be a source of support.

Gary, CEO at Darlington Mind

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