I Let You Go by Claire Mackintpsh

I read this book on the recommendation of a colleague, and found myself almost incapable of putting it down. It’s about a young boy (Jacob) who’s killed in a hit and run – and everyone who’s affected by what’s happened. Initially I thought I’d find it very difficult to read a book where a child dying is at the centre of the story, but in fact it’s dealt with so sensitively that it’s not an issue.

There are lots of plot twists and turns, so it’s very difficult to describe the storyline in any detail without giving things away, but there are six main characters – all connected through Jacob but largely unrelated otherwise. Every chapter is told from the perspective of one of these characters, and I really enjoyed this style of writing – it gave the book a depth it wouldn’t have had otherwise. In fact, I’d be really keen to read other stories written in the same way.

There are a few slightly cringe worthy depictions of mental health problems, but overall it deals with themes of grief and depression very well. There are also some fairly harrowing descriptions of incidents of domestic violence, which might make difficult reading for anyone who’s experienced an abusive relationship, but overall I’d highly recommend this book. It’s great!

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