The Night Manager by John Le Carre

I recently watched the BBC adaption of this novel, and wanted to read it to find out whether the adaption is true to the original. I really, really enjoyed reading it. The writing is fantastic. In fact, I’ve decided to read more of John Le Carre’s books because I enjoyed The Night Manager so much.

The book tells the story of Jonathan Pine who works as a night manager in a hotel before becoming embroiled in a drama no one could have predicted.

He ends up getting tangled up in a net of deceit, arms smuggling and high stakes spying. But this is no James Bond novel.

It’s much subtler than that, and I think much better. Some of the language is phenomenal, with the author describing some lazy pelicans as “like feathery old bombing planes that might never bomb again”.

While working at a hotel in Egypt, Pine meets and falls in love with a woman, Sophie, who entrusts some papers to him. He passes them on to the British Intelligence Services after she’s killed. Shortly afterwards an arms dealer, drug smuggler and all round bad guy, Roper, comes to stay at Pine’s hotel. Pine realises this is his opportunity to avenge her death, and so begins a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

There are some really well-rounded characters who contribute to the story, and none of them are what they seem. Lots of them kept me guessing right up until the end.

His handler, Burr, has been after Roper for years, but he’s always just slipped out of his grasp.

Together, they work to bring him down, unaware that Roper is protected by some of the highest members of the British Government.

I’m not going to spoil the ending though, you’ll have to read it for yourself to find out what happens! 

Review by Leo

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