Ghost Flight by Bear Grylls

I really enjoyed the plot of this book and raced to the end. It’s based on what happened to Bear’s Grandfather, Brigadier Ted Grylls, while he was part of a secret task force during World War II.

We meet the hero of the book, Will Jaeger, just before he’s released from a foreign prison.

He’s then recruited to film an expedition heading deep into the South American jungle in search of a German warplane.

Him and his team of former special-forces agents end up involved in much more than filming the expedition, instead finding a remote tribe who help them foil an attempt to establish a new Fourth Reich.

The book is good, and great escapism.

I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a fast-paced adventure story, but the plot can be a little farfetched in places. I was also frustrated by the ending, it could have been much stronger and has obviously set itself up for a sequel. I’ll read the next one to find out what happens and report back!

Review by Jim

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