Dear Stranger: various

I’d heard lots about this book before it was published, so I was really excited about getting my hands on a copy. I’d never read a collection of letters like this before, so didn’t really know what to expect but once I’d started reading, it was really difficult to stop! I loved finding out how different people define happiness, and even though I have nothing in common with a lot of the contributors, I found something in almost all of their letters which struck a chord with me.

I expected some of the letters to be a little fluffy, especially as some of the contributors are hugely successful people with no experience of mental health problems – but this wasn’t the case. Even Richard Branson’s contribution, in which talks about how he finds happiness on his private Island, Necker, was insightful, interesting and sensitive. I also enjoyed some of the illustrations – they made me think about happiness in a way which I haven’t before.

I’d encourage you to read this book because I’ve never read anything like it before. It really made me think about what happiness means to me, and how I could achieve it. It’s perfect for curling up on a  rainy day with, but please do take care when you’re reading it – I found some of the letters a little bit triggering.

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