Do you know someone who cares about mental health as much as you?

Through Mind membership, I had the  first opportunity to talk openly about mental illness with others who had  experienced the same things as me – a life-changing experience.

You can help someone else be a part of this movement for change by giving a Mind membership for Christmas.

Mind members know we’re stronger together. We’re fighting for better services, greater understanding, the fundamental right to be treated as an equal and to have a voice amongst the crowd.

Our members are at the heart of everything we do.

If you know someone who'd really like to be part of a community that understands what life is like living with a mental health problem, buy them a gift membership for Christmas.

As a member they will receive...

  • A full year’s membership and personalised membership card
  • The latest edition of Mind News magazine, plus four more editions throughout the year
  • An exclusive Mind membership bookmark and entry into our book club

You’ll also receive a Mind Christmas card for your message to accompany your gift.

Buy a gift membership...

There are three ways to buy a gift membership:

Buy a gift membership

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