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It saved not only my mental health but my life

In March 2011, Mind member Bob was having suicidal thoughts and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. He credits electroconvulsive therapy with saving his life. In the next edition of our magazine he tells his story – to read more join us today.

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Why did you undergo ECT?

After about four months in hospital with major depressive illness, the doctors were considering putting me in long-term care. They felt I wasn’t cooperating or improving, but they wanted to give me one last chance, and that was ECT.

How did your family react?

My daughters were all very wary of it. They had seen ECT being administered in films with no anesthetic and thought it would be a traumatic experience. My wife was also wary of it as well, although we all agreed that I didn't have many other options left.

How was the treatment?

I would say that it’s not a traumatic experience. That’s an absolute myth. You’re out for the count and then you wake up feeling quite safe.

Do you feel it’s worked for you?

I’ve lost almost all of my long term memory, and memory is the most precious thing we have. You have to weigh up the side effects against the positive effect ECT might have. If you’ve got nowhere else to go, it’s an option to consider.

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