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As a member, you help us shape our work by informing us and working with us. Without you Mind wouldn’t be the same. We value your input, enjoy hearing from you and involve you in everything we do.

“Being a member of Mind is a way of being positive and pro-active about my own mental health” Sophie, Birmingham

Sharing my story with the Mind Infoline

"They asked me questions, like how I'd have wanted to be spoken to on the phone and how my questions could have been answered." Katie shares her experience.

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Throwing off the mask: it's okay to speak out

"I was feeling very scared because I knew that I was about to speak out, with my face and name known." Jade talks about being the face of Mind

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Why Aly took part in a focus group for Mind

"Having a compulsive obsessive nature makes every day life and survival difficult to say the least." Find out why Aly enjoyed getting involved

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