I'd be lost without Mind

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"Christmas and New year are the hardest time of year for me. There’s so much stress and pressure and expectations on me. I can become really poorly because of it.

"I spent four Christmases in hospital. Not being able to see family on Christmas day, not being allowed my presents was so hard. Christmas is still really difficult because of the memories of it - I get flashbacks to how things were.

"Whenever I’ve called the Mind Infoline, they haven’t just given me information, they’ve also really cared and have made me feel less alone. I’ve used Mind’s Elefriends community a lot, especially around Christmas time, because I l know a lot of people struggle around that time and it really helped me to know that I’m not the only one.

"I'd be lost without Mind."

Your donation today could help us show someone like Nadine they're not alone this Christmas


If it wasn’t for Mind, I really would be in a worse off situation - I’d be lost, or I wouldn’t be alive to be completely honest with you.

Please keep donating and supporting Mind. You might not realise how much it means - but it means everything to me and to a lot of people.

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