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Healthcare staff

You can make a real difference helping someone with a mental health problem who has been a victim of crime by treating them with empathy and compassion.

By improving your processes to identify signs of victimisation, you’ll be helping people with mental health problems get the support they need.

Listen, believe, empathise and validate when a person with a mental health problem reports a crime.

Support victims to engage with the criminal justice system (CJS), for example help them to report crimes and attend meetings with the police.

People with mental health problems who engage poorly with services, misuse substances and have a history of violence are more at risk of victimisation.

By working in partnership with other services you can help the victim get the support they need and prevent them being a victim in the future.

Read the report

Please read Victim Support’s report At risk, yet dismissed, which provides key recommendations on how you can support people with mental health problems who are the victims of crime.

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