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People with mental health problems have an equal right to justice.

People with mental health problems can find attending court more stressful and distressing than other people.

With appropriate support you can help people with mental health problems give their best evidence.

Prosecutors can help by working closely with police to identify support needs early, applying for special measures, using registered intermediaries and introducing themselves to the victim before the trial.

Judges and the CPS can help by making sure information about the victim’s mental health problems isn’t misused and intervene to prevent aggressive cross-examination.

Prosecutors and defence lawyers need greater understanding of the vulnerability of witnesses with mental health problems.

By working in partnership with other services you can help the victim get the support they need and prevent them being a victim in the future.

Please read Victim Support’s report At risk, yet dismissed which provides key recommendations on how you can support people with mental health problems.

Our toolkit for prosecutors and advocates which can help them offer the right support for people with mental health problems is available here.

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