Sport and physical activity for people with mental health problems: a toolkit for the sports sector

This toolkit has been developed to help you make your services more accessible to people with mental health problems. It shares learning and best practice from other organisations, and uses real examples and tested resources.

It has been developed specifically for the sport and physical activity sector and covers:

• Understanding mental health.
• How incorporating mental health outcomes will benefit your organisation.
• Key stakeholders in the mental health sector.
• Mental health sector terminology.
• Mental health problems and the law.

This guidance has been designed to sit alongside Delivering a sport and physical activity service: A toolkit for mental health providers. We hope you’ll find the toolkit useful.


The toolkit

Sport and physical activity for people with mental health problems: a toolkit for the sports sector


Guide 1: Understanding mental health

Download here


Guide 2: How will incorporating mental health outcomes benefit my organisation?

Download here


Guide 3: Sport, mental health and the law – what do I need to know?

Download here


Guide 4: Safeguarding and managing risk (adults)

Download here



Download here


Entire Toolkit

Download here

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