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Delivering a sport and physical activity service: A toolkit for mental health providers

In the heart of communities, our local Minds are providing bespoke Get Set to Go programmes to get people moving. These programmes are removing the barriers to physical activity that people with mental health problems often face. 

This toolkit is designed to help mental health service providers develop their own physical activity programmes, like Get Set to Go.

About the toolkit

The toolkit provides guidance and tips on selecting, funding, organising and promoting a sport and physical activity service. It shares learning and best practice from our Get Set to Go programme, and from other organisations using the power of sport to support mental health. It uses real examples and tested resources.

We have divided this toolkit into 12 guides, each covering a different topic so you can easily access the information you need. You can download the full toolkit, or the 12 guides individually.

Download the full toolkit

The 12 guides

Short on time or looking for something in particular? You can explore the toolkit by downloading each of the 12 guides individually.

  • Guide 1: How can physical activity support mental health?
  • Guide 2: How can providing a physical activity service add value to my organisation?
  • Guide 3: How do I decide which type of physical activity service is right for my organisation? 
  • Guide 4: How do I identify and engage my key stakeholders?
  • Guide 5: How do I demonstrate the impact of my physical activity service?
  • Guide 6: How do I engage participants in my service?
  • Guide 7: How do I engage volunteers?
  • Guide 8: What steps should I take when designing my sessions?
  • Guide 9: What are the safeguarding considerations I need to make?
  • Guide 10: How do I market my sessions?
  • Guide 11: How do I fund my sessions?
  • Guide 12: Support Mind can offer, plus some useful contacts
  • Glossary

Are you a sport or physical activity organisation?

Our Delivering a sport and physical activity service: A toolkit for mental health providers has been designed to sit alongside our other toolkit titled Sport and physical activity for people with mental health problems: a toolkit for the sports sector. We hope you'll find the toolkit useful.

"I've always loved football but never had the confidence to join a team. I went along to the Get Set to Go session full of anxiety, but they made me feel so welcome. I can't begin to explain how much this programme has helped my confidence and self-esteem."

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