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We know that getting active is easier said than done. And sticking at it once you’ve made that decision to grab your trainers isn’t easy either.

That’s where Elefriends can help. You'll be able to link up with the ele herd – they're all different but they have one thing in common – they all know what it’s like to struggle sometimes.

Eles happily share tips and advice and they won’t judge you – it’s what makes Elefriends so great!

  • You can find posts from members of the herd who enjoy sport or exercise by clicking on the ‘Being Active’ theme. And remember to do the same when sharing your posts so other 'active eles' can join the conversation.
  • It's free of charge!
  • You can share as much – or as little as you like.

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Active ele films

Together with members of the herd we've created a series of short animated films that may help you to up your activity levels and stay motivated once you've started.

A group of Elefriends also got together and told us about their experiences of getting active.

By the way, can you spot the famous person doing the voiceover?

Staying motivated

When it comes to being more active, staying motivated can be even tougher than getting started. Some days might feel easier, while others might be an uphill struggle. In this animation, made with members of our Elefriends community, we look at some of the things that help us to stay on track.

Stories from the herd: getting active

Elefriends share their experiences of getting active - what was scary at first, what helped, and how finding support from the herd can help you to stay on track.

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