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Crisis care

In a mental health crisis, your mind is at melting point. You can’t carry on anymore. There may be an immediate risk of self harm or suicide. You may experience extreme anxiety, have a panic attack or even a psychotic episode. It can happen to anyone.

Only 14 per cent of people in crisis got all the help and support they needed. That’s not acceptable: an emergency is an emergency. Excellent crisis care exists. It can save lives. And that’s why we need it available for everyone.

In March 2012 a group of crisis care champions, who have all experienced crisis care services, met with MPs to explain what happened to them and give their views on what needs to change. We continue to work with MPs on this important issue, discussing it at both a local and national level. 

  • MP briefing on Crisis Care services
  • MP briefing on physical restraint
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Mind fights to protect the interests of people on benefits with mental health problems on several fronts: the language used around benefits; the specifics of the Work Capability Assessment and Employment and Support Allowance; changes to Disability Living Allowance; and the content of the new Work Programme. 

  • MP briefing on back-to-work support
  • MP briefing on the Work Capability Assessment
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Mental health services

Improving the quality and quantity of mental health services is the highest priority for our supporters. One in four people will experience a mental health problem in a year, yet services remain unacceptably poor and underfunded compared to those for physical health. We want people with mental health problems to receive greater choice in the treatment they receive and timely access to quality services.

  • MP briefing on mental health services 2014
  • MP briefing on access to talking therapies
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Police and mental health

Mental health is core police business. Officers are often the first to come into contact with people in a mental health crisis, or people who have been victimised because of a mental health problem. Increasingly police are taking on the role of gatekeeper – ensuring access to appropriate support from other relevant services or the criminal justice system.

People often tell us the response they received from the police was fantastic and we know many forces do a great job. But we also hear of problems such as a lack of awareness about mental health among some officers and a lack of joined up working between police and other agencies, particularly when people have been the victim of crime.

  • MP briefing on police and mental health
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Social care

We work to ensure that social care provides practical support to help people to live lives that are as independent and fulfilling as possible. We know that it can also provide valuable support to help people with mental health problems stay well in the community and reduce the need more expensive and less desirable acute mental health care.

  • MP briefing on adult social care
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Discrimination and stigma

Nine in 10 people using mental health services report that stigma and discrimination has a negative impact on their lives. It can stop people from seeking help, contribute to personal isolation and prevent people realising their potential. We believe everyone with a mental health problem should be treated fairly, positively and with respect. We run Time to Change with Rethink Mental Illness to end mental health discrimination.


  • MP briefing on the Mental Health Discrimination Act 2013
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