General Election 2015: MPs & candidates

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This is your chance to ensure we have healthcare services that truly support your constituents living with mental health problems.


At a time when demand has never been greater, severe cuts to mental health services, prolonged waiting times and a lack of choice in treatments, are making things worse for people living with mental health problems.

Other services that help people stay well – including community or voluntary activities, advice services, and benefits – have also been scaled back, which has a devastating impact on mental health.

The main parties say they value mental health and physical health equally. Some MPs have spoken openly about their own mental health problems and there is a determination across the parties to end stigma.

However, there’s a long way to go before mental health and physical health are treated equally.

Read our manifesto and briefings and share them with your party colleagues. Together, we can build a better future for mental health.

For candidates:

We want to help you feel confident talking about mental health issues, to understand why it will play such a major part in the next election and how the next five years is crucial for mental health services.

Read our briefing for all parliamentary candidates, which outlines:

  • An introduction to mental health
  • The key policy issues in mental health
  • What you can do in your constituency.

Our manifesto

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Whoever forms the next government, we want them to make six commitments to improve the lives of everyone affected by mental health problem.

Read our manifesto.



We want the next government to commit to reducing stigma and to continue supporting the Time to Change anti-discrimination programme.

Read our briefing on stigma.

Talking therapies


We’re calling on the next government to ensure the NHS in England offers a full range of evidence-based psychological therapies to everyone who needs them within 28 days of requesting a referral.

Read our briefing on talking therapies.


Shalini Take Action

We're calling on the next government to develop a strategy which focuses on building resilience and wellbeing across the whole country.

Read our briefing on wellbeing and prevention.

Support into work

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We want the next government to transform the support for people who are not working because of their mental health and create a system that really helps them to overcome the barriers they face.

Read our briefing here on back-to-work support. 

Crisis care

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We calling on the next government to ensure everyone gets safe, speedy and accessible crisis care whenever they need it, no matter where they turn.

Read our briefing on Crisis Care.

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