General Election 2015: join us, take action.

Together Unstoppable

With only a few months to go, we want to put mental health at the heart of the General Election debate so that the next generation of MPs makes it a priority. Our Mind Manifesto, launched in June, has had an overwhelmingly positive response from supporters, campaigners and national policy makers. However, there is much more we need to do locally.

Local election candidates are being selected right now. They need to know mental health is a local priority as much as a national one. You can help by joining our General Election campaign and speaking out. 

Between now and the General Election, you can get involved and campaign with us.

Here's what's coming up in the next few months:



We want the next government to commit to reducing stigma and to continue supporting the Time to Change anti-discrimination programme.

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Talking therapies


We’re calling on the next government to ensure the NHS in England offers a full range of evidence-based psychological therapies to everyone who needs them within 28 days of requesting a referral.

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Public Health Supporters Pa

We're calling on the next government to develop a strategy which focuses on building resilience and wellbeing across the whole country.

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Support into work

Am Back To Work Web Page

We want the next government to transform the support for people who are not working because of their mental health and create a system that really helps them to overcome the barriers they face.

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Crisis care

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We calling on the next government to ensure everyone gets safe, speedy and accessible crisis care whenever they need it, no matter where they turn.

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Mental health services are facing a crisis. We're calling on the next government to increase the overall NHS mental health budget by a minimum of 10 per cent in real terms over five years.

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Together we're unstoppable

In the past few years, you’ve campaigned with us on crisis care, improved access to talking therapies, welfare reform and an end to stigma and discrimination.

Thanks to our campaigning, we’ve made progress. The Government has:

  • awarded more money to Improved Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)
  • published guidance to end outdated and damaging restraint and restrictive practices used on people having a mental health crisis
  • led a national agreement, signed by all the major agencies including police, ambulance, NHS and public health, to ensure everyone in crisis gets the care they need no matter whom they turn to first.

There’s a long way to go before mental health and physical health are treated equally.

Those of us with mental health problems still face stigma and discrimination, struggle to access services due to funding cuts and have to deal with a benefits system that simply isn’t equipped to help us recover and get back in to work.

Together we can get the next government to build a better future for mental health.

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