General Election 2015: Crisis Care

When people’s lives come crashing down in a mental health crisis, they need help. Urgently. Too many of us are not getting the help and support we need. Excellent crisis care exists. It can save lives. And that’s why we need it available for everyone.

Email your MP and local parliamentary candidates and ask them to declare their support to deliver excellent crisis care in your area.

John's story

John has multiple mental health diagnoses – bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and a personality disorder – as well as physical diagnoses including heart disease and prostate cancer. He's experienced very different quality of care for his mental health compared to his physical health. Watch his story.

Tell your MP and parliamentary candidates to support excellent crisis care in your area.

Kirsty's story

Kirsty first experienced mental health problems at 14 and has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She’s had several mental health crises and feels she’s never got the support she needed, despite asking various GPs and other health professionals for help.

Kirsty is campaigning with us for excellent crisis care. Join us and tell your next MP to support excellent crisis care in your area.

What you need to know

In a mental health crisis, your mind is at melting point. You feel like you can't carry on anymore. You may experience extreme anxiety, have suicidal thoughts or even a psychotic episode. It can happen to anyone.

When you're in crisis you need compassion and understanding, no matter who you turn to for help - whether it's health and ambulance services, the police, social care or voluntary organisations.

We know excellent crisis care exists. It can save lives. That’s why it must be available to everyone who needs it, regardless of which service they turn to first. However, crisis care is not consistent across England. This needs to change.

Last year, national and local governments, and leaders of key services in England (including health, police, and voluntary organisations) signed the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat, an agreement that sets national standards for crisis care.

The standards are:

  • Access to support when you need it: anyone in crisis should be able to access support 24/7 and expect to receive compassion and understanding
  • Emergency access to crisis care: a mental health crisis should be treated with the same urgency as a physical health crisis
  • Quality treatment and care: people should be treated with dignity and respect, in an environment that supports their recovery
  • Recovery and staying well: future crises should be prevented by referring people to appropriate services.

Across the country, local authorities, police, ambulance, health, social care and voluntary services have signed declarations agreeing to achieve the Concordat standards and are preparing local action plans to deliver them.

We’re calling for  the next government, and the next set of MPs, to provide clear leadership and resources to make sure the Concordat’s standards are achieved and local action plans delivered so that excellent crisis care is available everywhere.

Take action

We want the next Government and the next set of MPs to provide clear leadership and resources to make sure excellent crisis is available everywhere.

You can help us get the people who can make a difference to listen.

  • Use our easy to use email template to tell your MP and candidates to declare their support to deliver excellent crisis care in your area.
  • Watch and share John's film with your friends and family.


For MPs and candidates

In your constituency, mental health services, CCGs, local authorities and others including health, police and ambulance services have signed a Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat declaration, and are now working on an action plan to deliver excellent crisis care.

This will be a huge benefit for those of your constituents who face a mental health crisis.

Are you working with services that have signed your local Concordat declaration and do you know how far they’ve got with their action plans?

We’d like you to declare your support for your local Concordat declaration and to support your local services in delivering their action plan for excellent crisis care.

Read our parliamentary briefing and find out how you can show your support for your local crisis care concordat.

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