Championing Equality and Diversity from within

We are serious about promoting Equality & Diversity in everything we do

We believe that a meaningful promotion of Equality and Diversity principles can only be achieved acting both externally and internally. For this reason not only has Mind invested resources to reinforce its externalEquality Improvement work, but it has also promoted the establishment of internal forces that are ensuring Equality Improvement is prioritised within all of Mind’s strategy and operations

Some of these forces are represented by the following internal groups:

  • Trustee Champions: a group formed by Trustees from the various governance committees who are advising on the work of Mind's Equality Improvement Team and are responsible for prioritising it at a senior level, ensuring it is central across the leadership of Mind. 
  • Diversity Champions: a group composed of staff members from across Mind with responsibility for driving Equality & Diversity and ensuring they are included in the day-to-day work of the organisation.

In partnership to promote Equality & Diversity

All the activities aimed at achieving our strategic goal "removing inequality of opportunity" are developed in partnership with local groups and co-produced with people who experience mental health and other forms of discrimination (including but not limited to ethnicity, sexuality, age, gender, disability, religion and beliefs)

In this way we can make sure the needs and expectations of marginalised communities drive our projects and allow us to effectively design culturally appropriate services.

In addition, we constantly strive to engage with community organisations throughout the country in a meaningful way to develop best practice in engaging with and meeting the needs of diverse communities

This is based on a recognition that, given the inequality across the mental health system, particularly the over-representation of certain minority ethnic groups sectioned under the mental health act, such issues are part of the core business of a national mental health charity like Mind. For this reason Mind has made addressing these issues central to the organisational strategy.

Get in touch with the Equality Improvement Team for more information and how you can get involved

We work to gain equality of treatment for people who experience both mental health and other forms of discrimination

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