NHS structures in England

Our NHS has changed a lot recently and this means that the way it now operates and involves people who uses its services has changed. We want to make sure it continues to improve mental health services in England and that you are given a choice of high quality mental health services that are available.

We want to see health care services meet your individual needs and that you’re involved in decisions made about you and your needs, and we want the Government to keep to their word and make sure the NHS provides excellent care to you.

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What do the changes mean?

Overall, the NHS has changed from focusing on a nationally operated health structure, to being much more focussed on local health needs in the community. Health services will now be commissioned and provided in each local area depending on the particular needs and health issues that are most common in that area.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) 

CCGs have replaced all primary care trusts and now commission health care services for people living in their area. CCGs are made up of GP practices, other health professionals and at least two lay members. 

Health and Wellbeing Boards

There is a Health and Wellbeing Board in every local authority area. Their main duty is to create the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and to bring together health and social care services so they work better for people who use them.

Healthwatch England

Healthwatch England is the new independent consumer champion for health and social care in England. It is responsible for collecting views and concerns from local Healthwatch and reporting this at a national level.

Healthwatch (local)

Local Healthwatch is where the public can go to share their views and concerns about their experience of local health and social care services.

NHS England

NHS England is the new national body oversees all the different elements of the NHS. It allocates funding to CCGs, develops national guidelines and commissions specialised services (such as secure hospitals). 

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence 

Still referred to as NICE, it continues its function of licensing medication in the UK and will now also be encouraging new ways of working in health and social care.

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

All healthcare providers must be licensed by the CQC and MonitorCQC will make sure that all service providers are meeting certain quality standards, and it will intervene and investigate if a provider is failing to provide a good service.

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

The JSNA is a local assessment which gives the CCGs information about which health care services are needed and what should be commissioned in the local area so that local needs are met. JSNAs will be created by every local Health and Wellbeing Board.

Public Health England

Public Health England is the new national body in charge of public health in England. Every local authority will have a Director of Public Health responsible for making sure there is good overall public health in their local area.

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