How we manage social media

What platforms do we use? 

Our promise to you

We aim to provide a space where we can share what we're up to and hear your views about mental health.

We monitor our social media channels regularly and our communications team share responsibility for moderating Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis. This means you can reach us on these channels between 10am and 5pm Monday - Friday, with a reduced service for urgent messages over the weekend. 

We aim to respond to anybody who asks us a direct question or who is looking for support within 24 hours. 

Occasionally, if a certain topic is too detailed for social media, we may ask you to email us.

What we'll remove and why

We want to keep all our platforms safe and relevant, that means we occasionally need to hide inappropriate content. That could include: 

  • Abusive messages
  • Triggering content
  • Posts containing sexual details
  • Spam / commercial posts
  • Excessively long posts which disrupt the conversation
  • Comments which are off-topic

If we remove your post, we will let you know why and offer that you post again addressing the details we were concerned about. If your post is spam or commercial content, we will not respond but will remove your message.

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