Be an Equality Improvement Leader

We are looking for 10 committed and passionate people to join our Equality Improvement Leaders steering group which brings together the diverse voices of people with lived experience to influence Mind’s work.

The role involves meeting with Mind staff regularly to help us shape key aspects of our work to reflect the experiences and needs of diverse and/or marginalised people with mental health problems. Those selected will receive payment for their participation and their travel and expenses will also be covered. Find out more about the role and how to apply below. 

By working together, we hope to ensure that our work is inclusive and we have an understanding of diverse needs so that we can become accessible for everyone.

What does the role involve?

The role of Mind Equality Improvement leaders is a two year term and those who join would be expected to: 

  • Share expertise of ways to involve people from marginalised communities in order to develop staff knowledge and good practise therefore embedding equalities into everyday practise at Mind.
  • Work in partnership with Minds’ Influence and Participation Coaches (coaches work on specific projects with staff) in order to influence decision making within the organisation.
  • Provide expert (on the needs of diverse groups) feedback on national policies/projects in a constructive way e.g. peer reviewing Mind information resources.
  • Co-facilitate group and or training sessions.
  • Attend and participate in 4 meetings with Mind staff per year facilitated by Mind Equality Improvement team to influence key Mind policies and projects. 
  • Be flexible and contactable by email and phone.
  • Have the flexibility to respond to queries quickly.


  • Be available to support Mind staff and Influence and Participation coaches when required (via phone, online and in person – up to a maximum 21 hours per month) at the discretion of Mind Equality Improvement team.
  • Attend additional meetings as required and agreed by group.

Please be aware that we don’t expect members to know about the needs of different marginalised communities outside of their background. Although at this level, we expect members to be able to promote inclusion by also championing other community needs they learn about in this steering group as well as signpost to others who may hold this knowledge.

What you can expect from us?

In exchange for your expertise, remuneration will be for £230 per every 7 hours of your involvement in addition to reasonable travel expenses and accommodation if required. Please note, accommodation will only be considered by Mind Equality Improvement team if the length of journey requires it. 

What skills are we looking for?

We want to make sure that those involved in shaping and developing our work feel empowered and able to make a valuable contribution. Below are key skills required for this role. You will need to demonstrate how you meet them in order to be considered for this role:

Essential Criteria

  • Direct personal experiences of mental health problems & experience of using this in your everyday work
  • Substantial experiences of advising on diverse needs and lived experience of people from marginalised communities
  • A good understanding of engaging marginalised communities and its challenges
  • Understanding and sharing Minds values 
  • Experience of presenting and speaking in a group environment
  • Demonstrable experience of communicate ideas in an empowering way and offer constructive feedback
  • Good listening skills - focusing on the questions/tasks and exploring other’s opinions even if they are different from your own
  • Objectivity - the ability to think about the needs of all people with mental health issues in relation to the work we are doing
  • The ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds
  • A good level of spoken and written English
  • The ability to manage competing priorities

Desirable Criteria

  • Experience of facilitating group discussions
  • Experience of planning and / or delivering training

How to apply

Please complete our application form and email it to Mind Equality Improvement team at [email protected] by Sunday 24 June 2018 at Midnight. 

  1. The information you provide on this form will be used to help assess your skills and experience to the role required for the next phase.
  2. It is important that this form is completed as fully and as accurately as possible, use examples to show how you meet the above criteria.
  3. If you need reasonable adjustments to help you complete this form, please contact [email protected].


Further information

Applicants will be shortlisted for interview based on how they have shown that they meet the skills required for this role.

Interviews will take place at our head office in Stratford on 29 June and 4 July 2018.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this opportunity or the steering group, please get in touch with the Equality Improvement team on[email protected]. We'd be happy to answer any queries.

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